Sunday, September 21, 2014

7/13-7/19 -Visiting Teaching, Sand in the City, Rose Gardens

Two of our most favorite families were moving away so all of our friends gathered for a BBQ.  Our little diva didn't mind all of the big kids doting on her!

Rocking tennis lessons again!

I had the ultimate visiting teaching experience. While we were on vacation all of the routes in our ward were changed. I came home to my new one in the mail. I had never met my partner before and had only occasionally talked to one of the ladies on my route. I was pretty disappointed because I really enjoyed my visiting teaching before.

 The RS Pres emailed me and said that one of the ladies on my list was in the hospital and my partner really wanted to go visit her (they live in the same assisted living facility, if that is any indication of my new route!!) and needed a ride. So I pawned my kids off on friends and went to pick up my new partner who I had never met. 

On our 30 minute drive to the hospital she started throwing up! Luckily, I still had empty garbage sacks left in the car from our vacation. I pulled over, got her a drink, and she insisted we keep going to visit her friend. Once we got to the hospital I dropped her off at the door and went to park. When I got back to meet her I found her over the garbage can throwing up again. She is really old and I was worried about her, but she still really wanted to go upstairs to visit her friend. It literally took us 30 minutes to make it to her room.

When we got to her door there were big stop signs posted saying we had to wear scrubs and gloves because they were testing her for something highly contagious! At that moment I had to take this picture, pretty much so I wouldn't cry. I had to pawn my kids off on others, I had throw up all over my car, and now I had the possibility of contracting something highly contagious?!? I just wanted my old visiting teaching route back!!!

We finally went inside, and I met the lady that was on our route. My partner threw up again in the lady's room and then fell asleep in the chair so I was left to visit with this old lady who I had just barely met and could be highly contagious. However, she had just gone to the bathroom in her bed so we had to leave while the nurses cleaned her up. So I woke up my partner and we slowly walked down the hall to the waiting room. By the time we got there the nurse came down to tell us they were done. 

We made the slow trek back to the lady's hospital room where we were told her tests had come back negative so we didn't have to gown up again, whew!!!! My partner started throwing up again, so I talked her into leaving. I had a nurse wheel her down in a wheel chair and I met her at the pickup area. On the way home she threw up several times, missing the bag and getting it all over her and my car. :( Once we got back, I talked to one of the workers at her facility and told her what was happening. I got my partner settled into bed and 6 hours later went to pick my kids up!! To say it was a CRAZY day would be an understatement!

After that chaotic afternoon I loved snuggling with my baby on the couch! 

The next day I had my cousin's kids for the day. We headed to the Wilsonville water park and the kids had a blast.

Until Miley fell head first off this ledge.

She was a pretty sad baby and just laid with me on the towels until the big kids were done playing!

We stopped at Sonic for 1/2 price slushies on the way home. That became a fun summer tradition!

Miley got really into tennis and loved coming with me to Maisey's lessons. It was fun to hit the ball around with her a little bit. 

Learning to serve!

We went to a Mad Scientist demonstration at the library this week. This has been our favorite library performance so far this summer!

We played a competitive game of ultimate frisbee in our back yard!

We worked so hard playing frisbee that we rewarded ourselves with yummy ice cream. There is this Mexican ice cream shop on front street in our town (totally ghetto area!!) that everyone raves about, so we had to try it out! I tried avocado and coconut which were both delicious! We will be going back, but only with Shaun, since he speaks Spanish (but mostly for security purposes!). 

Miley was so proud that she got in her jammies by herself!

On Saturday we decided to head up to downtown Portland for a family adventure. It started the minute we got off the freeway when we saw a homeless man pooping on the side of the off ramp. Yep, that happened! 

Our first stop was Sand in the City! These sand sculptures were amazing!!

The kids LOVED the Lego Movie display! 

Gage enjoyed playing in the big sand pit!

And I enjoyed my dirty bastard doughnut, compliments of Voodoo Donuts!

After Sand in the City we walk to Flying Elephants for lunch. Maisey chose a pickle, but we forced her to eat something else too!

Next we headed to Washington Park to play. Gage loved the giant swing.

And Maisey became a pro at the monkey bars.

Then we headed over to the Portland Rose Gardens. They were beautiful!!!

The girls loved looking at all of the varieties and stopping to smell each flower.

Gage, on the other hand, could have cared less and played with the drinking fountains or pushed the stroller into other people's ankles. Boys!!

Squinty-eyed family selfie!!!

Shaun and Maisey made a new friend as we were leaving the Rose Garden. He even let Shaun borrow his hat!!

The raccoons are officially gone, hallelujah! Now Dad will allow our backyard camp out!!

After a long, hot day in Portland, we headed to our friends' house to help them pack up their moving truck. And by helping, I mean we climbed their tree, stood around and talked, 

and ate their popsicles. We totally miss our friends. :(

I ended the week running to the store to grab a few things and found this. I sure wish I could share a Coke with my Dad. :(

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Danielle said...

that VT route-you had me dying in laughter! mostly because I wasn't experiencing it. I just got my new route and am partners with a grandma too (a first for me) and now you have me scared! and I totally just ate an ODB donut this morning from our date last night. you have good taste! :)