Sunday, September 21, 2014

7/27-8/2 - Safety Camp, AG Movie Party, Sunriver, and Haircut


Shaun had to go out of town again this week! Luckily, the two big kids were signed up for Safety Camp this week, which helped the week to go by faster!

Gage in his safety orange shirt! He NEEDED this camp probably more than any kid there!

One of the worst days of my life! I day I found out about my external hard drive, and the virus on my computer. And of course, it happened when Shaun was gone!!

My friends came over and we watched the Bachelorette finale and drank pina coladas! 

When I went back to bed I found Gage on my floor with half of his stuff from his bed! I had no idea he even snuck back there, I must have been too into the Bachelorette!


Gage helped me make some fruit kabobs! He made one full of watermelon for himself!

Maisey had an American Girl movie night to watch the new Isabelle movie that had just come out. Was I crazy to host all of these girls with Shaun being gone? Maybe! Thank goodness for Excedrin!

Miley wanted to join in on the party! 
(As a side note, two of the girls had to come early and really wanted to get Miley ready for bed so I got out jammies and a diaper for them to get her changed. When I went to put Miley to bed I decided to double check her diaper and it was on backward! It made me chuckle!)


This baby is OBSESSED with shoes! And, I may be a little too, so it's hard to not feed her addiction! 


Somehow Gage graduated from Safety Camp! It's a MIRACLE!!!! And Dad made it from his work trip in time to see the miracle first hand. 

Maisey passed too, but there was no question about that!

Safety Camp class picture!

We left the kids with Grammy for the weekend and headed to Sunriver! This is how Grammy babysits! Everyone has an iPad!

I was either crying or sleeping the whole way to Bend. I was still distraught over my external hard drive! Don't I sound like a fun date for the weekend? We stopped at the Bend Burger Co. for dinner and that helped to cheer me up a bit!


We set out that morning for a bike ride to the village to get some cinnamon rolls! 

Loved spending time with him, sans kids! Until we got a phone call mid-bike ride. It was my mom and she asked me to pull off the trail for a minute so she could tell me something.

That's Miley's hair. :( My mom was calling to tell me that Gage cut Miley's hair that morning. So if I wasn't crying about my external hard drive, I was crying about my baby's hair.

Grammy sent me a picture of it after she did it. EEK!!

That afternoon, we canoed down the river.

Mostly I just sat back with my feet up while Shaun paddled us down the river! It was peaceful and serene! I loved it! 

Until the vicious ducks swarmed us. We had airheads in our canoe and they were trying to jump up into the canoe to eat them. I had to fend them off with my paddle, they were aggressive!!!

After the canoe trip, we headed to the lava caves to do some hiking. It was super cold down there and kinda creepy. 

Shaun absolutely loved it and was in his element. I was completely miserable down there because I had to go to the bathroom. I wish there was a warning sign at the front of the cave reminding you to go to the bathroom before you start your hike. About half way down it hit and by the time I was 3/4 of the way down it became very urgent! That was one time I was wishing I was a boy. I ended up turning around because I didn't know how close we were to the end and Shaun kept going to the end. I pretty much ran back to the entrance (2 miles) and up the hill to get to the bathroom! Maybe next time I will be able to make it all the way to the end!

After the hike we ate dinner at a river front Mexican Restaurant. Our view was beautiful!

And my personal view wasn't too bad either!

To cap off a long day, we ended with a game of miniature golf. I lost miserably, but still had fun!

We ended up going home and getting sucked in to a Modern Family marathon!

We had a blast on our date weekend, but I was excited to see my mom and the kids the next day!

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Danielle said...

what a fun weekend with just the two of you! bummer about the hack job!