Sunday, September 14, 2014

Summer Vaca 2014 - St. George

St George Day 1:

We met up with family for dinner at the Pasta Factory! These girls were instant BFFs again.

It was so fun to meet up with my sister's family. All of the cousins watched The Lego Movie while we unpacked and got settled into the condo.

Maisey and Gage were all settled into bed. We divided their bed with a long pillow. That listed 5 seconds.

We found a cockroach in our room the first night. It was quite the scene watching my sister, Shaun, and I trying to catch it. 

Day 2:

We hung out at the condo pool most of the morning

Miley was so brave with her puddle jumper. She would help herself into whatever pool she wanted and swim around. It definitely made pool time waaaaay easier than it has been in the past.

Pool Buddies!

Shaun spent most of his pool time throwing Gage into the air or throwing dive toys to the bottom of the pool for Gage to retrieve. 

I spent most of my time in a lounge chair on the pool deck or in a lounge chair in the pool!

We headed to the splash park to have our annual cousin's birthday party. The kids got some fun swim toys to use during the week.

We bought a cupcake cake which melted before we could eat it!!! It was sooo dang hot down there.

Miley had an obsession with this fireman statue and loved filling her water pail up with his hose.

And Gage loved the power of the fountain!

After the birthday party we headed to my Grandma's house for a visit. Miley missed her nap that day so Shaun tried resting on the couch with her for a bit. She looks tired, right?

Gage loves these magnet toys!

We played rummy that night and my mom and I tied for first!

Day 3:

I had so much fun hanging with my mom and sister! I soooooo wish at least one of my sisters lived close.

The six cousins and their floaties! 

The big kids got these surf boards at the cousin's birthday party.

The girls loved lounging around on them.

We had to get our swig on!!! There should be a swig in every town. It should just be a rule!

We also got our Cafe Rio on! Pretty much if we weren't at the pool, we were eating.

Day 4:

My sister and I got up super early to play some tennis before the kids woke up. I lost every game and messed up my back (which would cause me to have to go to a chiropractor later in the trip. Boo!)

We hit up a fun park before it got to hot. The kids love this park because they pretend like they are doing the Ninja Warrior course.

Then, those who were dressed appropriately (not every one was since we were headed to the splash park) headed to the Visitor's Center.

This girl could live at the splash park!

On certain days of the week the city's rec department puts on a fun kid's show.

This week they were singing Frozen songs and let the kids join in. Miley is singing into the mic in this pic.

After we dragged the kids away from the dance party, we hit up the carousel! Shaun's smile looks bigger than Miley's! 

Gage wanted to mix it up a bit and ride a bench instead of a horse!

Next, we headed to St. George's new Children's Museum. IT.WAS.AWESOME!!!!! (And it was heavily air conditioned, which was also a major bonus!)

Miley was so funny in each of the rooms. She would get so obsessed with whatever theme was in that room that she wouldn't want to move onto the next room. For instance, a holy fit ensued after I dragged her away from this fire dog. She wouldn't stop kissing it, like for 10 minutes. It was getting kind of weird, So I dragged her to the next room, fit and all!

Gage was the perfect age for it all, and probably enjoyed it the most out of everyone. He particularly liked the car mechanic room and loved pretending to change the car's tires.

He also liked getting his knights on and sword fighting with Daddy.

Maisey and Shayla and my teenage cousin did their own thing. They mostly hung in the production room where music and movies were made all afternoon.

They even let Miley in on some of the Frozen action!

After a loooooong day, everybody needed a little pick me up so we stopped for some delicious ice cream!

The ice cream didn't cool us off enough, it was H.O.T.!!!!!!!!

So we had one last cousin swim session!

Ate popsicles on the grass,

Said our last goodbyes to Grandma S'more, and headed to bed!!!

Day 5:

I saw the sunrise more times than I would like to admit during this trip. It was beautiful, even through a windshield covered in bugs!

We made a quick stop at BYU campus! In a way, that place feels like home! I loved all of the memories that came flooding back. We even drove past our first apartment that we lived in after we were married! Ahhhh, those first few years of marriage were so simple!

We visited the bookstore and the Cougar Eat. Of course, we couldn't pass up ice cream and mint brownies! 

We dropped my mom off at the airport so she could fly to her next leg of the trip, to visit my sister Kate.

We were a bit early meeting up with my friend for lunch, so we stopped at a nearby pet store to waster some time. The kids were hyper maniacs, I'm sure the workers there were wondering how on earth I could handle a pet along with my three kids. . . and that, ladies and gentleman, is why we don't have pets!!!!!

After lunch, we headed to our last stop on our trip, Rexburg, ID.

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Danielle said...

hahaha, I feel the same way about pets. just trying to keep track of my own kids is enough. ;) looks like a whole lot of partying! the dog kissing had me laughing-we've had similar experiences with Hudson and the old navy dog. kiss kiss goes on and on. or instead of kissing people he'll just lick them. cute at first...and then a little creepy. haha.