Sunday, September 21, 2014

7/20-7/26 - Batman, Fun Run, Car Races


A foil pouch of veggies, grilled on the BBQ have been my staple this summer! Soooo delicious and fun that we grew them in our garden!

My little watermelon snitch looks so sweet and innocent!

Sunday BBQ = YUM!!!


I put mouse in her hair to make the curls stay in! I know I'm biased, but I think she gets cuter and cuter every day!!

Gage had preschool camp this week! It was nice for him to have something special to go to since Maisey has been doing tennis all month!

Shaun was out of town this week, and we needed a way to waste spend time before dinner, baths, and bed, so we met up with some friends at Bauman Farms! Gage brought his quarter that Papa gave him on our vacation so he could buy some goat food! He is also wearing a ladies watch in this picture! Gotta love him!

Miley and Charlie tried feeding the goats rocks, but they weren't fooled!

When Shaun is out of town, I have a hard time going to bed. I usually mess around on my phone while the TV is on until the last possible second of awakeness. Well, this particular night I was messing around on Shaun's facebook and took one of those survey things (yes, I was that desperate to be distracted!!).  I laughed aloud at the answer I got, which woke me up even more! I AM MY MOM!!!! I've known it for years, and this was proof!!! Haha!


Maisey and I went shoe shopping since her tennis lessons were cancelled due to the rain! I found these shoes for Gage, which he would have loved!!!

Miley fooled me into quiet time on the couch today, instead of naptime. That was a mistake!

Cher and I got together to talk WAAPO (parent board) stuff, and the kids all cuddled up on Gage's bed to watch a show on the phone. Maisey doesn't seem to mind all of those boys!!

Miley is obsessed with shoes and has started sleeping with them on. 

Shaun sent me this pic of what he was doing on his work trip! In the evenings he would head over to the Junior World Championship Track Meet. Looks fun!


My mom came home after being gone for over a month! Miley was soooooo excited to see her again!

My mom took Gage and Maisey to Batman's birthday party at our library. 
(I took Miley with me to finish my new visiting teaching route for the month, as if the 6 hours I spent last week wasn't enough!)

My friend texted me later that night to say that Maisey had won a drawing at the Batman birthday party! She was so excited! 


We headed to the library for Maisey to collect her prize. She was so proud!

We also went to watch a comedian! He had all of the kids laughing!

And he even picked Gage to come and help him!

We needed another way to spend our evening before bedtime so we met Grammy at a lake to feed the ducks!


We met Daddy at the bowling alley on his way home from his work trip. The kids were soooo relieved to see him (prob so mom wasn't in charge any more!).

It's not very often that I beat Shaun at bowling, so I needed to document it!


Wilsonville Kiwana's Club was hosting a kids fun run so we signed the kids up! It was their first official race! The thought they were so cool!

Gage thought his life was complete when he got to take a picture with a moose. He has a crazy obsession with them!

Maisey was super speedy and finished in the first 1/4 of all of the kids in her age group!

Gage amazed us and finished second in his age group! He was awesome!

And Miley was the supportive gold-fish eating little sister!

They each got a medal for running so fast!

Later that day we headed to some sprint car races!

We spent a ridiculous amount of money on nasty concession stand food.

We were all smiles all night!

We mostly cheered for the Batman car!

We sat on the edge of our seats during some close races!

And Gage bet with a super drunk guy on the Batman car and won $23!!! 

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