Thursday, September 18, 2014

Summer Vaca 2014 - Rexburg & 4th of July

Day 1:

We made it to Rexburg and the first thing I did when we got there was make an appointment with a chiropractor. My back and neck were in so much pain it was making it hard to enjoy our vacation. Once I got that taken care of we were able to have a lot of fun!

Miley chased that dog around all weekend! 

We went to dinner at Wingers and Papa happily gave Maisey his pickle. 

And Miley decided to give us a show with our dinner!

If you spent over a certain amount of money you got free deep fried Twinkies. That was a fun adventure for all of us!

Day 2:

We went up to campus to visit Papa at his office. Gage loved playing with all of his robots.

Maisey wrote this on his white board. Guess what movie they watched 10 times on the trip, The Lego Movie!! And in case you were wondering, there is no smoking allowed in Papa's office. Thanks Maisey!

Papa let the kids pick a snack from the vending machine. That was a first for them. They were awe as they watched their treats fall. AND Papa also let them keep the change that was given. We could have done nothing else that day and the kids would have been happy!

We walked around one of the buildings (the one with the big auditorium for devotionals) and admired the art work and talked about Bible stories.

Gage needed to get his energy out so I timed him while he ran around the indoor track! That boy has some speed. 

Papa and Gage were trying to imitate the artwork.

BFFs one minute, screaming, fighting, and fit throwing the next!

This was my favorite thing from the day. I think it was in the library. It is the whole Book of Mormon in really tiny text and you can use the magnifying glass to read the words. I thought that was really neat.

All of those vacation days full of fun (and no naps) finally caught up to her! It's not very often I get to hold a sleeping child anymore!

When Papa and Dad got home from golfing they took the kids on motorcycle rides.

Miley screamed and cried when it wasn't her turn. She's not really great about the whole sharing thing. 

That night we attempted some fireworks at home. It was soooo windy that these three boy scouts were having a hard time lighting them!

We eventually got them going, but you can see how windy it was.

Gage was very adamant about sleeping in the fort under the slide. It's a pretty small space, but he seemed to enjoy it.

Day 3: 4th of July

We headed to downtown Rexburg to watch the 4th of July Parade. Dad and Papa were party poopers and sat on a back bench and watched the world cup on Dad's phone.

Gage and I enjoyed the parade together!

The parade was really hot so we left a few minutes early. 

That evening we went to Idaho Falls to watch the big fireworks show there. We met up with our friends, the Jewkes.

Grandma Grimmett and the kids!

The firework show was pretty amazing!

Day 4:

We woke up early to go play on the sand dunes! These big kids loved riding on the dune buggy that we rented!

Miley was a little unsure of it at first

but by the end she was signing "more" over and over again!

Gage, Papa, and Grandma Grimmett

That afternoon we headed to Rexburg Rapids for some swimming. The kiddie area of the pool was closed when we got there because some kid pooped in it. They opened it back up after about 45 minutes, only to close it back down 5 minutes later because another kid pooped! It was seriously so annoying. Miley was so upset that she couldn't swim in there and just cried and cried. It was also very windy out so we ended up calling it quits.

Miley was clearly upset over the whole swimming experience. AND she earned herself a new nickname on the trip, Pouty Pants! She definitely perfected her pouty face!

For our last dinner in Rexburg, we hit up the Pizza Pie Cafe. That is one of the only buffet places I don't mind. Each of the kids found something they liked, and it was a nice night out.

Day 5:

We hit the road early to make the looooong drive back home all in one day.

We stopped in Boise to see Great Grandpa and Grandma Grimmett!

This is what 13 hour road trip hair looks like!

Summer Vaca 2014 -- That's a wrap!

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