Sunday, October 19, 2014

9/28-10/4 - School Family Night and Sickies


Maisey was assigned a primary talk on how living the gospel can bring blessings to your life. Unfortunately, Mom totally forgot about it until about 5 minutes before. I pulled out my lesson manual and found a story for her to read! She rocked it, not surprised! But I did feel bad!

When the young men knocked on our door to collect fast offerings, this business card was stuck to our door. It was kind of embarrassing, the ym probably went home and told their parents a police officer's card was on the Grimmett's door. :/ When Shaun got home from meetings I made him call. He just wanted to inform us that our neighbors were in violation of a city code and he had talked to them about it. He told us to call him back if they hadn't made improvements in the next few weeks. Glad it wasn't anything to do with us!

Shaun and I worked on putting together a playlist for the jog-a-thon. We spent hours looking up kid friendly songs that were also upbeat. We looked up other playlists, watched videos, and read lyrics to hopefully come up with something the principal would approve. Our kids really enjoyed the looooong dance party!


I had been watching the weather closely lately. We scheduled our first family night for Friday and when I saw this forecast I texted it to the other board members! Exciting!!!

Miley was invited to a birthday party that afternoon and since Gage has 1/2 day kindergarten, he came too. He was the oldest kid there and suuuuper naughty!! However, he did master the monkey bars that afternoon.

Maisey had the lesson for FHE tonight. She used Gage as her helper and did the story of the testimony glove. 

This lunch was brought to you by Costco! 
(We were running late, this is not an every day occurrence!)

Since the beginning of the school year Gage has been writing his name on his papers in all capital letters. I told him if he brought home 10 papers with his name written the right way I would take him to ice cream! In two days he brought home 10 papers, so after soccer practice the whole family headed to ice cream!

Miley wasn't complaining much!

Miley begged to wear her Christmas jammies last night! 85 more days until Christmas!

I took Miley to the mall with me that morning, and I could tell she wasn't feeling well since she fell asleep in the stroller. That NEVER happens. Sure enough, when I got home she had a high fever. :(  This was only the beginning.

I made 154 mini cupcakes for our family night the next night! 


Maisey woke up in the middle of the night and was wheezing and could barely breathe. It was pretty scary. She also had a high fever and a sore throat so she stayed home from school. Shaun worked from home this day since both girls were sick and I was teaching art all day at the school.

Gage painting his fall leaf!

Our family night was at a local park. We had a chili cook-off and a kickball game. We had so many families come and it was such a success!

It was so nice to see families mingling together, getting to know each other better. All of our teachers and the principal came! The kids were so excited to see them all there.

We had a 50/50 raffle where half the pot went to WAAPO to pay for the family night, and half the pot went to the winner. Shaun made me buy $5 in tickets, even though I didn't want to. We had the winner of the chili cook-off pull the winning ticket. Of course, I was the winner. It was so embarrassing. But I won $30 which would pay for Miley's babysitter the next week for the jog-a-thon.


I woke up to an email from the principal, and it seriously made my day! She was so impressed with our family night. When they started family nights 6 years ago their goal was for families to come together in a relaxed environment and get to participate in an activity or event together to spread school spirit and cultivate community. She said our event was one of the most successful and best organized events ever at the school. How is that to start off you weekend?

Maisey still wasn't feeling well, and by Saturday morning had completely lost her voice. (She was spelling things with the alphabet blocks). She was still having a hard time breathing so I decided to take her to the doctor. 

On our way home from the doctor we saw a clown on the side of the street. It was very random, but it made us both smile. Maisey had a virus that was affecting her airway, so she was given breathing treatments which helped a ton!

Sick, snugly girls!

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