Monday, October 6, 2014

9/21-9/27 - TGIF Moment and Soccer


My morning started off extremely frustrating. There was some drama on our school parent board and I was pretty annoyed by it.

But, a lunch date with my two loves changed my mood pretty quickly!

We stopped at Home Depot after lunch to price out some supplies for our jog-a-thon. Shaun should be a leg model! :)

That evening, I got a babysitter so I could go to Costco, kidless. That's every mother's dream, right? Anyway, while I was gone Gage decided to stick his soccer medal between the outlet and the night light when it was plugged in. He blew the circuit (which cut the power to all 3 kids' bedrooms), and burned all three things involved in his little "experiment"! The babysitter felt terrible and was afraid I would never ask her to babysit again. I reassured her that it probably would have happened even if I was home!


My little cheese snitch!

She would have eaten the whole thing if I let her!


Yes, this email actually happened. It was super awkward to send. I talked to Maisey more about it later that night, and the situation was a lot worse than what she had originally told me (death threats were also involved). We met with her teacher and the principal the next day. The student received immediate consequences. Btw, it was the same student who told her last week that the Tooth Fairy and Santa aren't real. EEEK!!!


A lady in our ward passed away, which was super sad. But it was a bit creepy that after she passed away, Shaun received a friend request from her on Facebook. 

We bought these Halloween cheetos and the kids loved making skeletons out of them! (No relation to the above picture. Haha!)


This was a major TGIF moment. I was emotionally drained from helping Maisey get through her school incident and having mild form of "the talk" with her. I was sooooo glad when Friday came around and apparently my excitement wore off on the kids. If it wasn't weird, I would have been dragging from his leg too, begging for him to stay home and let the weekend begin 8 hours earlier!


Coach Grimmett and his assistant, Coach Grimmett Jr.

The Tigers!


Danielle said...

Yikes! I can't believe that talk has already started!!! I'm not ready for this yet....

DaNae said...

Dying over that email!! So glad you are proactive and took care of it right away.