Sunday, October 5, 2014

8/31-9/6 - Riverfront Park, First Day of School


In the evening we headed to a park in Wilsonville to take Maisey's birthday pictures. Yes, I know her birthday was 19 days ago. We've been a bit busy! Her birthday post is coming soon!

While Maisey and I were doing pictures, Shaun was sliding down the giant slide with a Cinderella blankie! 

At least he had Gage with him to help make it less awkward!

Miley loved the giant swing and we had to pry her off of that thing. She kicked and screamed all the way to the car!

Smoothies in the bath after a night at the park? Yes please!!


Shaun had the day off so we decided to go bowling again. I wanted to prove to him how awesome I did the week before. Too bad I was horrible and Shaun did awesome! He got the turkey this time!

For FHE we invited all of the LDS families who go to our school to meet us there to pull some weeds and make the playground look nice before school started that week. We only had one family join us but we got a lot done and had a good time doing service!

I went to run errands after that and there was a beautiful sunset. I also ended up running into a friend who is a family counselor in Salem. I talked with him for a bit and we exchanged email addresses. He doesn't except my insurance but was happy to help me with recommendations. 


We spent our last day of summer exploring Riverfront Park. 

We brought Maisey's friend Sadie along with us. 

The kids thought this giant globe was awesome!

We pulled out most of our garden and covered it with ply wood to keep the stupid cats from pooping in it. Instead, we provided a space for them to sunbathe. 

Shaun had to go out of town for work, which is the worst possible timing considering school starts tomorrow and all! 


First day of Kindergarten! He willingly wore his uniform and I tricked him into wearing that sports tie again! He looked so handsome!

She is beautiful as always! Couldn't wait to be a 2nd grader!

One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE pics of the three of them! 

Miley wanted a back to school pic as well!

After drop-off, Miley and I headed to breakfast at Panera and went to run some errands!

Miley was twinsies with the mannequin at Old Navy. Same shirt, same jeggings, pigtails and bows! 

On the way out Miley ran back over to the mannequins and held the girl's hand and kept calling her sissy. I think she was missing Maisey and Gage. It could be a long school year!

Gage has his favorite buddy, Michael, in his class! They both rocked the first day and didn't make too much trouble!

After I picked Maisey up from school, we hit up LimeBerry to celebrate a fantastic first day of school! The only thing that would have made it better was Dad being with us!

I spent most of Thursday preparing my first art project for the year. Did I mention that another mom and I are teaching art to the entire school this year? Luckily we are just doing it once a month this year instead of every other week like I did last year.


Gage's art project. We adapted it a bit for the Kindergartners. 


Saturday was our Stake Day of Service. We helped at a State Park about 20 minutes from our house. It was HOT but we still had a great time.

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