Saturday, October 4, 2014

8/17-8/23 - Oaks Park, Grandma and Papa Visit, and Sheri Dew


I tricked Gage into wearing a white shirt by buying him a new tie with sports balls on it! Worked for the first hour, but he ripped it off the second he got into his primary class.

We met up with some of Grammy's friends at a park for a BBQ. It was fun to try a new place.


I spent ALL.DANG.DAY cleaning out all of Maisey's clothes. It was seriously such a big project, but we were able to find a lot of things to donate to a friend who just got two foster kids.


We worked on the garage all evening. We ate pizza out on the front porch, and we had some little visitors. Miley loved the dogs, and Maisey was super scared of them.


Gage's friend Michael invited us to go to Oak's Park with them. 

Miley was so brave and loved all of the rides!

They rode the roller coaster all by themselves and chose to be in the front! They rocked it! I love that my kids are adventurous!

The boys and Cher on the tilt-a-whirl!

The rides must have worn her out!

On the way home we stopped for lunch. Gage had a MAJOR meltdown which was super embarrassing and frustrating. These have been occurring frequently throughout the summer, so I decided to finally do something about it, and start the process of seeing a psychologist.

(I will have to write another whole post on this topic. I'm almost more frustrated with the whole process than I am with Gage's behavior, which has actually improved tremendously since school has started.)

Snuggling with my babe!


Grandma and Papa Grimmett were coming to visit this evening, so we spent most of the day getting things done.

I got a babysitter in the afternoon and took Gage to run some errands with me. He was in need of some positive one-on-one time. We stopped at Bauman Farms to pick up some produce and Gage got to eat a donut and feed the goats. He thought that was pretty special!

There is an old, abandoned house around the corner from us, and it caught on fire. It's kind of nice that the eye sore isn't there anymore!


Shaun, Maisey, Papa, and Nick got up really early and went fishing in the ocean! Nick and Maisey slept for the first little while.

Their catches for the day!

Maisey loved being in the ocean. She didn't even get sea sick, but another little girl on the boat wasn't so lucky!

Maisey and the ship captain! He looks a bit creepy!

I spent the entire day getting things ready for our back to school picnic the next day. We were trying to make calendars for families to put on their fridge and have trying three times we finally got them to  not curl after laminating them.


This was one of my busiest days of the entire summer! 

It started off with my RS 5k. This year they didn't do a triathlon, but participants could chose a 5k or a bike ride. I chose the 5k and enjoyed cheering on the sisters in my ward. There was an older sister from my ward who was suuuuuuuuper slow but was determined to finish. Since I was the coach again, I didn't want to just leave her, so once I finished I ran back around to meet up with her and I walked the rest of the way with her. She was the last sister to finish the entire race, but she was beaming when she got her medal! What another positive Relief Society race experience.

Once I got home from the race I showered and quickly got ready so I could head to the school. The WAAPO board was putting on the back to school picnic that afternoon and we had a lot to set up. The picnic went really well and we got to meet several new parents and get our information for the year out to them.

I went straight from the school picnic to our Stake Center for the culmination of our Relief Society race: a Sheri Dew fireside!!! It was an amazing night hearing from her. She touched on a few things at the beginning like motherhood and women and the priesthood and then she mainly focused on the grace of God. My favorite quote from the night was, "Nothing is more important that raising a child to be successful for the purpose Heavenly Father has for him in this life."

While I was at the Sheri Dew fireside, Shaun took the kids and his parents out to our friends' property for a BBQ. I'm sad I missed out on it, but everyone seemed to have a great time!

Maisey had an ice cream party with Grandma Grimmett before she had to leave the next morning. What a fun way to end a busy day!

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Danielle said...

Loving all of these updates! I'm not sure what you're going through with finding somebody for Gage, guess I'll have to wait for your blog, but I know from our experiences with OT, Speech, and a dev. ped, it's horrible! It takes forever to get in to see them and you leave feeling like you didn't accomplish anything for all the effort that went into it. Hopefully you'll have better experiences than me. I've noticed with Bennett that he THRIVES on super structured days. Which I totally can't do at home because I don't have the energy. But at school, he's in heaven. Anyway, looks like Gage is going to have a great year!