Monday, October 6, 2014

9/7-9/13 - Apple Orchard


Shaun could tell I was having a rough day so he cancelled his meetings after church and took over the kids all afternoon. He banished me to my room and entertained them and then had no-bakes waiting for me when I was allowed to come out! 


Sometimes I wish I had a live-in sister to help with fashion advice. Since I don't, I'll continue to take selfies in Maisey's mirror and text it to them. 

This girl gets herself into more trouble by herself then when her siblings are home.


I put up some of the students' bird tessellation art projects. They did an amazing job!


"Peeeeease Mommy, Paint Nails, Peeeeease Peeeeeease!" 
I hear this all day every day! At least she is polite about it!

After we paint, then she spends the next hour lining them up. She is obsessed with things being in a line. I should take a picture of all of the things that she lines up in our house! She's a funny girl!

 Someone always leaves a light on in the van, and we always thought it was Gage, even though he would deny it. Then I caught her in the act! Haha!


When I told her it was time for her nap, she ran to Maisey's bed for "quiet time". Mean ol' Mom carried a screaming and flailing baby to her crib.

We went to some friends' house to watch the BYU game. We let the kids stay up super late on a school night, which they thought was pretty neat! Gage insisted on wearing his green shorts since the football field is green. It's funny to catch a glimpse into his mind. 


Miley and I went to Grammy's school for lunch. After lunch I taught her class the same art project I did with my kids' school. 

We invited some friends to pick apples with us! It was pretty amazing to get six kids to all look at me in just one take! 

One cute girl and lots of apples!


Saturday morning was meet your coach day for soccer. Shaun is coaching Gage's team so the boys went there together while the girls went to our friend's football game.

Then we all met back up and went to the LDS Home Food Storage center because our Stake was hosting an open house! Maisey loved all of the samples.

Gage and Miley loved playing on the cart. Once I was ready to fill the cart with food storage items the kids got super bummed and sat in the car with Dad and watched a movie.

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