Monday, July 13, 2009

Mom's 50th Surprise Party

My mom turns 50 tomorrow. Last Thursday night we threw her a surprise party. . . and it truly was a surprise party! She had NO idea! She just got back in to town on Tuesday night from a 2 1/2 week trip, and I planned the whole thing while she was gone!

The photographer for Katelyn's wedding wanted to do some bridals for her because she needed some extra practice and wanted to build her portfolio. Well, the photograher happens to be one of my mom's friends and she was in on the whole party thing. So we set up a time for Kate and my mom to go over there to get her pictures taken. From the time my mom left we had 45 minutes before the guests were supposed to arrive and 1 hour until my mom was supposed to be back! Christina and I both had our 2 kids with us and we were running around CRAZY trying to get the house cleaned, the kids fed, and the party set up! When the first guest arrived Maisey was running around with no shirt on and crazy hair and Gage was screaming! But we got every thing finished and ready and excitedly awaited the arrival of my mom.

The table!

It was a dessert party! We had a cheesecake platter, a fruit pizza, and a cake -- all black and white, plus some black and white jelly beans and m&m's. It was awesome!

Grandma and Shayla, and all of Grandma's friends!
(I forgot to get a picture of my mom when she walked in the door! Oh well!)

Madi and Shayla enjoying their dessert!

Maisey and Kate!

The best part of the whole night was that my other sister, Kelsey, flew in from Utah. My mom had no idea she was coming and she got there about an hour after the party started. Shaun picked her up from the airport! My mom was SO surprised because Kelsey will be coming home again in another week and a half for Kate's wedding!

My mom visiting with some of her friends!
It was a GREAT night! All my sisters and I thought that my mom was going to kill us for throwing her a party, but she wasn't THAT mad! :)
We were glad we did it and everyone had a great time!

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