Thursday, July 30, 2009

The WORST Chuck E' Cheese Birthday Party Ever (Part 1)

We had a "cousins" birthday party for Maisey on Tuesday night at Chuck E' Cheese. Maisey was saying all afternoon, "I'm Excited, I'm Excited." She could not wait to go! Shaun met us there from work and as soon as we walked in I could tell that they either didn't have air conditioning or it was broken.

*Just as a side note, we have been having RECORD BREAKING temps here all week. Yesterday our town got up to 108! On Tuesday, it was 106.

So we ordered our pizza and got tokens for everyone and after 10 minutes of being there we decided it was TOOOO Hot! Everyone was drenched in sweat! (Maybe TMI, but it's the truth!) We made the kids hurry and finish their tokens and we got our pizza to go, gathered up the gifts and headed to my mom's house to finish up the party! We were only at Chuck E' Cheese for like a half hour! Maisey was totally bummed, but her hair was so sweaty, it looked like she just got out of the bath!

We later heard that their air conditioner as broken! That would have been nice to know BEFORE we spent all of the money on disgusting pizza! :)

Despite the heat, Maisey had a great time and didn't want to leave!

Clayton giving Derick his first tractor ride!

Shayla loves Chuck E' Cheese just as much as Maisey!

Alex, Madi and Jenn having fun with the games!

Maisey loves to play Ski Ball but did not want any help from Mommy! She would crawl up the machine and drop the ball in! Too bad she dropped the ball in the hole with 0 points every time!

Look how RED her cheeks are! It was so DISGUSTINGLY hot in there!


Anonymous said...

Poor girl! She does look very hot. I hope she ended up having a great birthday anyways!

The Hadley Family said...

Sorry to hear about your "too hot" experience at Chuck E Cheese. I agree, they should have been totally up front about the AC. We're not a fan of their pizza either. It looks like Maisey still had a good time and that's all that mattered. Happy Birthday Maisey! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been to this Chuck E. Cheese's many times in Salem. I recognize the layout...I would just have to say that the broken A/C was not the fault of the business. It was the landlord's obligation to maintain the units. That being said, yes someone should have told you about the situation; however, the A/C breaking down was just as unpleasant for you as it was for the employees working there. I would also not go as far as to say the pizza is "disgusting". It may not be what you're used to, but I personally take a liking to it. But just an fyi, the A/C units work now!