Thursday, July 23, 2009

3 Months

Gage is 3 months old today!
We are FINALLY starting to get all of his fussiness figured out!
He is on his 3rd prescription (a special compound prescription that only 1 pharmacy in our area makes and it is EXPENSIVE!) and he is on Soy formula. The combo of these two things is helping my boy to be a happy baby, which is helping me to be a happy mommy!
*Tidbits about Gage*
*Still lovin' his bouncy! As long as he is well rested, fed, and has a dry diaper, he will hang out in this thing all day!
*He hates his carseat. . . STILL! He doesn't ever sleep in the car anymore so this makes all car trips a SCREAM-FEST!
*He is pretty good about falling asleep on his own once we put him to bed and takes an AWESOME morning nap.
*He usually has a 6 hour stretch each night, and every once in a while he will surprise us with an 8 hour one.
*He loves to WATCH Maisey, and he likes when she plays with him, but he does NOT like when she screams too close to his face.

Gage also loves his play mat. Apparently Maisey likes it too! (Sweet bed head Maisey!)

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The Hadley Family said...

I can't believe your little guy is already 3 months old. He has changed so much since we saw him last time. He and Maisey are both adorable. I'm sorry to hear he's been so fussy but sounds like you may have found a "fix" for him. Hope it continues to work.