Saturday, July 18, 2009

Elder's Quorum Activity

We had an Elder's Quorum activity last weekend for families! Well, only 3 families should up, including us. . . so we had all of the FUN to ourselves! We headed out to the old Elder's Quorum President's parent's house. They have some land and a private pond to fish. It was really fun. We had a BBQ, the kids swam, we fished (by the end people were catching fish left and right!), and we had a great time!

Maisey playing in the stream

Mommy and Gage hangin' out!

Shayla, Maisey, and Porter swimming in the FREEZING pool!

Daddy, Cousin Derick, and Maisey hangin' out fishing!

Uncle Scott is helping Maisey reel in her line!

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