Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Successful Garden

I just downloaded TONS of pictures to my computer from all of our events this week. In my July 2009 picture folder we have 1276 pictures! That is disgusting! We have been so BUSY this month! And we are doing some fun things this week that we will be taking pictures at. My goal for this week is to put up a post a day!

Tonight's post is our garden! It has EXPLODED! Shaun and I spent a little bit of time out there tonight. So I decided to take some pictures.

These are our pumpkins! They are huge and have totally outgrown their raised garden box. I think I will have enough pumpkins to send to my mom's classroom. One for each of her students. I've never planted a garden before, but I guess you're not supposed to plant like 30 pumpkin seeds in a 4' x 4' box!

How was I supposed to know?

These are our cucumbers. We picked 15 tonight. Our total crop picking to date is 31. We have enjoyed eating cucumbers in vinegar! YUM! If anyone lives around here and wants some cucumbers PLEASE let me know!

We have 3 watermelons growing on our vines. This one is our biggest one!

These are our Marionberries. We have already gone through 5 pickings. We've made milkshakes, cobblers, and freezer jam, as well as just freezing several bags full of them. (And we've given TONS away!) They are a delicious mix between a raspberry and a blackberry. We just can't pick these things fast enough. I was our there tonight after dark picking them with the light from a flashlight! I just don't have enough time in my day! We also have some random bunny rabbit living in the bottom of these. Don't really know where it came from but it's out there about 75% of the time! Kind of fun for Maisey.

The HUNDREDS of green beans that Shaun and I picked tonight! Once again if ANYONE wants some green beans let me know! There is NO WAY we will eat all of these!

Count them... There are 15!

It has been SO fun seeing our garden grow! Not pictured are tomatoes, strawberries, and sunflowers.
I just can't believe that most of these things came from tiny seeds in the ground and now we have an ENORMOUS garden. Heavenly Father's creation is AMAZING!


The Hadley Family said...

You really do have alot in your garden! Now that we have our grow boxes we'll be planting seeds next year instead of plants. I'm feeling a bit cautious after seeing your "overload". ;)

Whitney said...

Wow, that is so great! I can't wait until I have a house and a yard and can plant a garden. All of those vegetables look so good and fresh!