Monday, July 6, 2009

Therapeutic Shopping

Well. . . That didn't take long! We were thrown our first curve ball of the 2nd half of 2009.

Shaun was driving home from work Thursday evening in anticipation of swimming in the backyard with Maisey. We hadn't seen him ALL week. Monday he was fixing my mom's computer, Tuesday he was helping someone in the ward move, and Wednesday he had meetings and played basketball. Maisey couldn't stop talking about how she wanted to go swimming with Daddy. Shaun called me a little before 6 and said that I needed to come pick him up because his car died! His car has died several times before so I didn't think it was that big of a deal. So I packed the kids up and drove out to the highway to pick him up! We called around to people in the ward to find someone with a trailer and a truck so we could tow it to our friend's mechanic shop in Salem. Finally we found a trailer from one guy, and the Bishop was willing to drive his truck, so Shaun and the Bishop towed it to Salem, and they didn't get home til after 10! That's 4 late nights in a row, and a WHOLE week of Maisey not seeing her daddy!

Our friend called Friday morning to say that it was the timing belt that broke and all of the valves in the engine were bent, so he nicely told me, "It's not good news!" Pretty much, he said to start car shopping this weekend!

Then later that day Shaun was pressure washing our house and deck and the pressure washer broke.

It had been a LOOOONG week for all of us and I just needed a break from being home with both kids all week, so I headed to the outlet mall that is 5 min. from our house to do some shopping. They were open til midnight Friday night and were having an awesome sidewalk sale! I got both the kids a few things, and I picked up a few things for myself! It was so nice to just be out, walking by myself on a warm evening, not having to worry about my screaming kids!

I came home happy and rejuvenated--Ready to face another CRAZY BUSY week! Shaun told me I should take kid-free shopping trips more often! Hey, if he insists... I won't argue!


The Hadley Family said...

Sorry to hear about your "rash" of bad luck. I'm with you on the remedy- a fun shopping spree can cure the worst of problems. =)

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

I hate timing belts! That's what happened to our Outlander last year at this time. We took it in and over $1,000 later, we got it back fixed- or so we thought. Early this winter, our oil started leaking and we finally took it in to get fixed last month. The place we took it to, said it wasn't fixed properly from the last place we took it to. So, again, over $1,000 dollars later, we have a fixed car... hopefully! Happy car shopping!

Danielle and the Boys said...

isn't shopping without kids THE BEST?!?! i got some in this weekend at the lincoln city outlets and i was in heaven! :)