Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve was a jammed packed day! We headed down to my mom's bright and early to play a game of flag football!

We headed down to my mom's bright and early to play a game of flag football! Don't we look tough?
After football, everyone showered and got ready for the day! Shaun's friend from BYU, who now lives in Colorado, came to visit for a while! We haven't seen him since his wedding a year and a half ago! It was fun to catch up!
We played a Christmas Jeopardy game that I made during afternoon naps!

We ate a yummy dinner!
We did a mini photo shoot of our Santa Baby. . . who was so.dang.cute!
Then we started our Christmas Eve program. We have a Christmas countdown and for our second year in a row we fill each day with a slip of paper. Each slip of paper has a song, story, or game on it. It makes for a fun Christmas Eve.

Maisey performed Feliz Navidad for everyone while shaking her maracas. I practiced a lot with her before Chirstmas Eve, and she still asks me to help her practice!

The whole family sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer while playing instruments. Maisey got the triangle and LOVED it!

Blair sang "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" while Kelsey accompanied him.

We had a coloring contest.

We played a present game!

And maybe the best slip of paper from the whole night. . . A Mid 1990's Christmas Eve reenactment of Frosty the Snowman. It was awesome! And my sisters were good sports!
When my sisters and I were younger, my mom put me in charge of doing a Christmas Eve activity. I made Katelyn dress up as Frosty, we shoved her full of pillows and she was so lumpy. When we were 10 and 7, we didn't have a lot of resources, so we used a whitches hat as the top hat and a measuring cup as the pipe. We made big black circles out of paper for the eyes. So once she was all dressed up, Kelsey and I SANG the song (which was almost worse than the costume!) while Katelyn danced around and acted it out.

Daddy and Maisey pulled out the last slip of paper from the countdown. They were assigned to act out the nativity with her Little People Nativity set (since they practiced for FHE a few weeks ago!)

The fam getting ready to head home!

Once we got home, we did baths and jammies. Maisey and I put out cookies and milk for Santa and wrote him a letter.
This is what her letter said:
To Santa:
I love you and Santa's Daughter. I'm leaving you some milk and presents. Please leave some presents and toys for me and a reindeer for brother. I would really like a Cinderella dress please. And a barbie too. Brother wants books.
Travel safe!
Maisey Grimmett
Gage too!


Danielle and the Boys said...

what a fun christmas eve! I'm thinking I may need to steal some of your ideas-dang, is there anything you're not on top of supermom?! lol.

John, Tish and Peyton Maughan said...

So cute and creative! I'm sure the snowman dance was a hit and I love the letter to Santa.