Saturday, December 19, 2009

Polar Express

The theme for our ward Christmas Party this year was the Polar Express. I spent all Friday afternoon at the church decorating! It was a lot of fun and our turn out was incredible. Almost double what we had last year!

People were assigned to decorate train cupcakes that also doubled as our centerpiece. These weren't the ones I decorated, but these were the ones on our table.

Here is Maisey eating her train. (She won't pick it up b/c she doesn't like her hands to get messy)

Every one, including Daddy and Gage, came in their P.J.s since it was The Polar Express

Santa came to visit and gave all of the kids bells with their treat bags. Gage was SO not scared of Santa. He would have sat there all night! He loved his beard.

Gage may need to teach Maisey that there is nothing to be afraid of. She was terrified! Look at her face! She would not even look at him. I put my camera down to go help her. I was holding her and I told her that if she didn't tell Santa what she wanted then he wouldn't bring any toys. I could feel her heart beating so fast and the poor girl was shaking, but she gathered all of the bravery that she had, whipped her head around to face Santa and yelled so fast, "A Cinderella dress PLEASE!!!!!!" Then whipped her head right back around. It was pretty funny. When we went back to our seats she calmly asked me, "Mommy, where is my Cinderella dress?" I told her that Santa will bring it to our house on Christmas morning. I'm pretty sure she still doesn't get the whole thing. . . maybe next year! But it's a good thing Santa really is bringing her a Cinderella dress, otherwise I'm pretty sure we would have a HUGE Christmas meltdown.
BTW, the whole you better pick up your toys or you will be on Santa's naughty list is totally working in our favor right now! Too bad Christmas is in a week, because I could be using that for a long time!

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