Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stock in Sterilite

Too bad we don't own stock in Sterilite (you know. . . the plastic storage bins)!
Wal-mart dropped the price on 2 of their sizes.
I'm organizing EVERYTHING!!!
So far I have 1936 quarts of storage bins!
But I need to go back and buy more!
That's a lot of bins!
I will take a pic of my garage when I'm done!
Back to organizing!


Krystee said...

I love sterilite bins. Our garage is full of them. Everytime i bring home a new one Denton rolls his eyes. Right now I have my eye on the christmas tree storage box.

John, Tish and Peyton Maughan said...

That is so funny! You of all people thinking that you're disorganized! I've never seen such a clean garage!