Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Family Home Evening

Last week the kids and I went to the $ store and I told Maisey if she was good she could pick out one toy. When we were there she asked me if she could pick out a toy for her friend Porter. I told her yes. And she asked, "And Peyton too?" I said of course. And she asked, "And Hudson too?" So we came home with presents for 3 of her friends. So we invited them over for a fun-filled Christmas family home evening last night.

Shaun started the evening out by doing a short, kid version of the nativity. The kids got to act it out with pieces from Maisey's Little People Nativity set.

Then all of the kids exchanged gifts. Maisey gave Porter and Peyton monster trucks, and she gave Hudson a puzzle. She even helped me wrap the gifts. She was in charge of the tape and really enjoyed her job. Porter gave Maisey a Mickey Mouse Puzzle and Peyton gave Maisey a beautiful ring! :) These kids are so cute together!

After presents, we headed into the kitchen and each family got to make and decorate a gingerbread house. We all bought kits from different places and ours was definitely the worst. The frosting wasn't thick enough, our house kept falling apart, and the frosting kept coming out of the top of the frosting bag (Shaun was in charge of that part). So we made ours in to a Teepee. Maisey kept asking where the door was because everyone else had a door on theirs. We had a good time even though it didn't turn out perfect.

Everyone decorating

Porter eating the candies!

Our door-less Teepee

The 3 kiddos with their works of art!

Maisey was watching Porter lick his house and she was kind of grossed out. She was flipping out all night because she thought she was going to get sticky! What a girl!
After we were done decorating the houses we were all just talking in the family room and we thought the kids were off playing. . .

. . . But Shaun found the boys hiding under the kitchen table. Porter got into the cupcakes and it looks like he is trying to persuade Peyton in to one.

Peyton gives in!
We had such a fun night! We will definitely have to do it again next year, but I will buy my kit from Wal-Mart, but just remind me!

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Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Yep! That's my boy! Always getting into everything!!! We had so much fun that night! Thanks for having us over and letting us make a big mess making our Gingerbread Houses! Tons of fun... and it looks like the party continued after we left with our grumpy kids!