Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We arrived at Sunriver on Christmas afternoon.
The first thing Maisey did was go to this little play room area that is under the stairs. It really is little. Maisey can barely stand up in there. Her uncles were nice enough to play with her in there.
On Saturday we went in to Bend for a little bit, our kids had MAJOR melt downs, I took them back home for naps while every one ate lunch. Once we all met back up we went to The Village at Sunriver for a while. It was FREEZING! We got some hot chocolate then headed back home, dropped the kids off with grandma, and headed back to The Village to go ice skating! It was SO fun! The highlight of my weekend. We (each couple) made up ice skating routines like we were in the Olympics or something then each took turns performing while the other couples watched. I don't have any pics from my camera, but I think my sister does, so when I get them I will post them. It was hilarious. We did lifts, and spins, and jumps! We were pretty awesome! We also had races. In the girls only race, I was going so fast and Shaun tried to help me stop at the end so I wouldn't hit the wall so hard and I hit him like a brick wall and fell flat on my back and my head bounced on the ice. It hurt SO.BAD. That was my only wipe out of the night.
On Sunday, we woke up to about 4 inches of snow on the ground. We made the best of it out in the driveway.
Maisey and Mommy on the sled.

Brian tried rigging up a bike to pull Kelsey, but he couldn't get enough traction with the bike.

All Maisey wanted to do was build a snowman. . . but the snow was so dry that it wouldn't form a ball. We found some old blocks of ice so Shaun chipped away at them with the snow shovel and made her an ice man. Here is Brian carrying the ice man!
We used the portable ice man to build a jump. The boys took turns pulling each other and the girls off this jump. It was actually semi-entertaining. Maisey was so offended that we were using her snowman.

Daddy is letting Gage touch the snow for the first time. He doesn't look that thrilled, but I wouldn't either if I had a 103 degree fever and had puked twice the night before.

Here is grammy with the kids! It was so fun to see Maisey's excitement about the snow.
Sunriver was just ok in the Winter. I definitely like going in the summer time better, and I definitely like going when it's not so stressful. Even though Maisey had fun, I don't think we would go again at Christmas time.

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