Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Maisey's Big Girl Bed

During the week of Thanksgiving, Maisey slept in her big girl bed all week. . . so that weekend I asked Shaun to take down her crib.

Maisey being quite the helper!

The first few nights after we took her crib down didn't go as well as the whole week before, and Shaun and I even walked into blood all over her bed one night. She broke a picture frame and cut her finger. So, now the top of her bed is completely clear! :) She is doing much better and stays in her bed! She never gets out! She just yells to me in the morning, "I awake!"

She is growing up too fast!

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Toby and Tammy said...

She's all grown up! Scary about the blood-but good thing it wasn't worse. Can't believe how fast kids grow.

I just got out Dallas' baby clothes and I was amazed at how tiny he once was. And he's still a baby now! There's a big difference between newborn and 18 months clothing. Crazy!