Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gymnastics Show

On Saturday, Maisey's gymnastics class was part of the Dance, Dance, Dance, Christmas recital. Maisey was so excited to go to her gymnastics show.

Posing in front of the set.

Then she met up with her gymnastics friends, Porter and Peyton.

Hudson joined in on the fun!

This is Maisey's teacher, Anne. She is so good with the toddlers and Maisey loves her!

We had to watch 11 dances before it was Maisey's class' turn. Maisey is absolutely captivated by the dances.

Maisey is getting ready for her big debut!

She just got done doing a summersault down the mat.

So happy!
I was so proud of her! She wasn't shy at all and did everything that Teacher Anne told her to do! She is going to be my little performer!

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