Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Activities - Part 2

On Friday, we had our annual Elder's Quorum Christmas party, and I forgot my camera. That's ok. We had a better turnout last year anyway! We played Christmas Family Feud and the ladies took it home this year. They didn't just win, they won by over 500 points! It was great! We also did a white elephant gift exchange where we saw some pretty funny gifts. The best: the bra purse that keeps making it back year after year! Can't wait to see what gets added to it next year. 

Saturday was a great day! We didn't have ANYTHING scheduled until the evening. Shaun and I took turns running errands with out the kids then we met up at my mom's house to go to the Christmas Lighting Parade. They used to have the parade in Salem and I can only remember going once growing up. This year, they moved it to Keizer so we thought we would try it out. It wasn't all that spectacular. We liked the Iris Parade in May much better. Maybe because it is usually 30+ degrees warmer, but also for the quality of the parade. Anyway, the kids still had a great time bundled up and snuggling with mom and dad. My favorite part of the whole night was after every single thing passed us, Gage would say, "Wow! Beauuuutiful!" It was pretty darn cute!

 Maisey's favorite was the Princess in the pumpkin carriage.

 Gage's favorite was any of the semi trucks. He kept yelling out Mack! whenever he would see one.

On Sunday, we had a little bit of an early Christmas. We are leaving in a few days for a trip to Utah for Uncle Ryan's wedding. We decided to let the kids open a few gifts early to help with the loooooong drive ahead of us. They were pretty excited with what they got.
 Cars coloring books for Gage and a new Tangled game for Maisey's Leapster

 Gage got his very own boy Leapster with a Cars game and a Thomas game! He's totally loving it!
 They each got a new Look and Find Book

 And DVD Players!!!

(Did I mention we are taking Shaun's car? Yeah, these things are going to be a life saver!)

And the best part, Gage had so much fun throwing the tissue paper up in the air and watching it fall.

Later Sunday night, we took the kids to a friends house and went to our Stake Christmas Fireside and actually got to sit by each other AND enjoy it! A Christmas miracle!!!

That's all for now.
Tomorrow is the BIG ultrasound!
Boy or Girl?


Desiree said...

I was thinking today about your ultrasound and wondering what you think it's going to be. Girl? I don't know, there's a lot of boys lately.

That parade looked fun, but very cold. Good luck with the long trip!

that's what she said...

Goodness you guys have been busy! We're just now really starting to do all the Christmas activities. And good luck with your ultrasound!!!