Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

The morning of Christmas Eve was the most mellow morning we've had all month of December. It was WONDERFUL! Maisey had a sleepover at Grammy's, and Daddy let me sleep in. Once we got up and going, Gage and Daddy wrapped some last minute presents (Shaun's gifts to me! haha!) while I prepared some things for our Christmas Eve dinner later that night. Shaun got Santa things out of our shed and brought them into our room. We laid them all out on our bed so they would be ready for that night then we shut our door so the kids wouldn't go in. We all took afternoon naps, then we got ready for dinner and a program at Grammy's. We sang songs, some read stories, and we played a few games, then we headed home, took bathes, the kids laid out their stockings and wrote Santa a letter and left him some treats. They were in bed and asleep by 8:30, and I was asleep on the couch by 9. Shaun woke me up, Santa came, then we went to bed. It was a pretty relaxing and enjoyable day.

 While Daddy was wrapping presents, he wrapped Gage up!

Gage had NO idea that Santa had just walked by!
(Before we left on our trip, I organized all of their Santa stuff into their own big black garbage bags and took them out to the shed! It was a BRILLIANT idea and one I will be doing again next year.)

 Christmas Eve at my mom's!

 Gage and Maisey singing Jingle Bells! It was way cute!

 Playing a snowball game!


Maisey wrote the letter to Santa this year. And she chose what to leave out. She left egg nog and one cookie for Santa, one cookie for Mrs. Claus, one for the elves (to share?), and she left fruit for the reindeer.

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