Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Prisoner

So our morning didn't exactly start out on a good note. Shaun was working from home because we had my ultrasound at 11 am. He came in to wake me up at 7:30 am saying that Gage locked himself in his room. A few things to know here:
1) When we bought the house, there was NO key to the door knob in his room.
2) His door knob is like a front door knob with a specific key, NOT like a bathroom door with a tiny little circle to stick a generic key into.
3) He has a child proof handle OVER his door knob, so I'm not sure how he stuck his little fingers in there to lock it in the first place.
4) You can't just unscrew the door knob because the screws are on the inside of his room.

After we tried opening the door with a credit card (I knew those fake ones that come in the mail that overflow our shred pile would come in handy someday) for like 20 minutes, we decided to call a locksmith. Gage was in there SCREAMING to let him out. I quickly googled "locksmith in woodburn, or" and called the first people on the list because it said they had a 15 minute response time. Almost an HOUR later, some guy shows up, reaking of smoke and with half his butt sticking out of his jeans, he sticks some special key in the door, hits the key with a tool, and pops the door open. Seriously it took him two seconds. We coughed up 155 bucks and sent him on his way. Then I got in the shower and just cried. Seriuosly? We just spent $155 for 2 seconds. I couldn't get my mind around that. Plus with the furnace and the router in the last week, we have now shaved over $500 off our trip budget. The thought of it all just disgusted me. So I cried, and by the time we got to the ultrasound, my eyes were puffy and my face red, but I felt better!

Oh and in the middle of it all, Shaun locked our bedroom door to try to see how Gage's door knob would work (which is a completely different door knob) and shut our door before he unlocked it. We had a key for our door, but unfortunately it was sitting 2 feet from the door on our computer desk. By the time the locksmith got there, Shaun had used the credit card to unlock our door. Thank goodness because we could have been out another $115.



Desiree said...

Too bad, you could have replaced all those door knobs for that price and then some, wow! And had the keys to all of them. Sorry. Yay for the baby girl though! Congratulations.

Dana and ohana said...

what the heck? 155 that's nuts!