Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gage's Christmas Morning

Gage's Santa stuff (cars, trains, and roller skates)

Playing with his new shake n' go Cars 2 track.

 One of his favorite gifts all day was his Lightning and Mater Spin toothbrush he got in his stocking! 

 He wasn't too sure about his new Cars undies! Potty training starts in January!

 Maisey picked out a book for him and was so excited to watch him open it. And it made it even better that he LOVED the book and they've been reading it a ton together since Sunday!

 He loved his roller skates too. Two days before Christmas he told me he wanted blue roller skates. I think he was just as happy with his Lightning McQueen ones!

And he got a fun remote control car that he loves to drive around the house and crash into things!

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