Thursday, June 14, 2012

Maisey's First Ballet Recital

Maisey performed in her first ballet recital last weekend. She was so excited for it! She did such a great job and she loved having Grandma, Madi, Jenn, and Jeanne come to watch. 

These first few pictures are from the dress rehearsal. No pictures were allowed during the actual performance.

During the actual performance the whole class messed up a little bit. They were all supposed to be in a line behind their teacher and they were all standing in a line beside their teacher. When Maisey realized they were in the wrong place, she made a really funny face, and the whole audience started laughing. She is super sensitive about people laughing at her, so I thought she would be really upset and scared about every performing again. But she must not have realized that everyone was laughing the face she made because she didn't say anything about it afterward. I'm so glad! 

Madi and Maisey, post show!

This is Maisey's little ballet friend, Joy.

What a cute flower fairy!

We sure love our little ballerina!

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Desiree said...

Oh, I sure miss our ballerina days. I keep asking April if she misses it, and she keeps giving me the answer I don't want, no! Oh darn. Maisey is so cute in her little outfit. Oh, and I went to many of those ballets, I can't remember a time when the little girls did it perfectly. That was always my favorite part of the whole ballet, the littlest classes. Oh, and I highly recommend buying the DVD, they're so fun to watch later!