Friday, June 22, 2012

Oh Gage!

Gage has sure given me a run for my money this week!

While I was in the shower one morning, he helped himself to the gallon of milk from the fridge and spilled it all over the couch and carpet. Like, there was a milk puddle between the cushions. I didn't get a picture of it because I was shocked and just started cleaning up as fast as I could. I really didn't want my couch smelling like sour milk.

He is still doing an awesome job going potty. One day he got a little curious and put his hand through the stream of pee and then licked it. I spared you all a picture of this as well.

But, don't you worry, I got pictures of the rest of this week's antics!

 He discovered the diaper rash cream. 
Yep, that's on my couch, and all over his leg and hands. I put him straight in the bath and got him all scrubbed up. When I took him out, he still had cream in his finger crevices! And, it's pretty dang hard to get diaper rash cream of the couch because it's made to repel liquid.

And, he did it again. This time he spread it all over his already white dressers (thank goodness) and his face. Maybe he was pretending it was shaving cream?

 He is in the "I do it myself" stage, which makes potty training F-U-N (and messy)! He won't let me help him with his undies and shorts, so this is how he plays around the house, with the button undone in the back. Then when he runs around his shorts fall down.

 And he likes to feed Max!

We took all of the knobs off of his dressers to keep this from happening. Apparently he found a way to dump all of his drawers out anyway. (He also likes to jump from his dressers onto his bed when he is supposed to be going to sleep.)

Notice how in those last several pictures he is wearing the same clothes? Yeah, that's because they are all from the same day! 

He is definitely my crazy man!


The Benson Family said...

This looks like what Kamden will be doing in a couple years. I can't believe how curious and naughty he already is at 9 months! Looks like you are keeping busy!

that's what she said...

oh man, i'm knocking on wood while i say this, but i feel lucky my boys haven't done anything like this in awhile. well, except for when dumped a whole gallon of milk on the floor the other day, but at least it was on wood floors and not my couch. good luck!

that's what she said...