Friday, June 8, 2012

"No, Not Today! Maybe Tomorrow Mom"

At Gage's 3-year old check up the doctor asked how potty training was going. I said to him, "Here, I'll have Gage tell you." I then asked Gage if he wanted to go potty. Gage said, "No, me not go potty. Me not like it." Haha! It was the perfect way to describe to the doctor how potty training was going. 

Well, this week Gage has been taking his p.j. pants and diaper off at night. So finally Wednesday night I told him that in the morning he was going to wear undies and he was going to learn to go potty on the toilet. I heard the classic, "No, me not go potty. Me not like it." And I told him he didn't have a choice this time. So Thursday morning, we started at it! He ran around in his undies all day. In the first 5 minutes he peed and pooped in them. Super gross! The next pair of undies he started to pee in then stopped and ran to the toilet! The third pair of undies he kept dry until his nap. We put on a pull up for nap. And as soon as he woke up we put his undies back on and he did awesome for the rest of the day (minus one little slip up when he went outside to play!). He does well if he doesn't have pants on. He likes to be dressed, so he is really aware when he doesn't have pants on, which helps. The hard part about potty training him, opposed to Maisey, is that you can't make him go potty. He will tell you when he needs to go. So if we are getting ready to go somewhere, or if I'm getting ready to feed Miley and I know I won't be available to help for 30 min, I ask him if he needs to go potty. He says, "No, not today. Maybe tomorrow Mom!" I've tried making him sit on the toilet, and he says the same thing after sitting there for about .5 seconds! So that is the new potty phrase around our house!

 I took him to the store last night to pick out a toy. That was his big incentive for trying to go on the toilet. He picked out a new track set for his talking Gordon train!

 Look at that cute "undies" bum!!!

After a great morning of going potty on the toilet, we got a little adventurous and went to Grammy's school for lunch in undies.
Apparently, we're not quite ready for outings with pants on yet!

Wish us luck on this potty training adventure. I'm not giving up or giving in to him this time! 
We are going to be successful! 
(Only 2.5 months til he starts preschool, so we better be!)

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