Thursday, June 14, 2012

Swim Lessons

As if life weren't already busy enough with a newborn and a potty training child, we decided to sign up for swim lessons. Our community pool was offering a special during the first week of summer: $5 swim lessons! They are normally $40/kid. I decided to try out the $5 session to see if Gage would even get in the pool without Shaun or I and if he would even listen to the teachers before I paid $40 for a full two week session. I think I learned my lesson from t-ball. I put him and Maisey in the same class, and to my surprise they are both doing AWESOME! 

Gage cried for like 5 seconds when he realized he wasn't swimming in the baby pool and mom wasn't getting in with him, but Maisey was super nice to him and helped him out. Now he totally loves it and waves to me or gives me a double thumbs up every two seconds. All the other parents totally laugh at him.

Maisey is doing great! She's been doing bobs, and going under water to get the rings that the teachers drop for her. Her floats are looking really good. I'm also really proud of her because both of the teachers for their class are boys. She's not super comfortable around boys she doesn't know so she was a little hesitant at first. I wasn't sure if she would even let them help her swim in the water, but she did.

Yesterday, we got home from swimming and Maisey said to us, "Our teachers think Gage's name is Dentist. Isn't that silly? I told them his name is Gage, but they still keep calling him Dentist." I thought that was kind of strange, and I wasn't sure if the teachers were just joking around with him or something. But then today at swimming I heard one of the teachers say to Gage, "Hey Dennis, are you ready to swim?" and Gage actually responded to him. I'm not sure why they think his name is Dennis, or why Gage responds to that name, but I think it's funny that Maisey thought they were calling him Dentist!

This was the first few minutes of lessons when Gage was still unsure about it all!

But like I said, five minutes into it, and this is what you get!

They are going to be little fish in no time!

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