Friday, June 1, 2012

Mother's Day

We came home from the hospital on Mother's Day! That in itself was the perfect gift!!!!!!! There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed and wearing your own clothes, even if they don't quite fit right!! 

Janel took the kids to church because Maisey was making a gift in Primary and couldn't miss it!! She was a little sad to sing in Sacrament meeting though, because I wasn't there. We got home while they were at church, which was really nice. It gave us a chance to get things unpacked and settled back in with out the craziness of the bigger kids.

The minute they came home from church she gave me her gift from Primary (which was a card with a picture of her on it) and then ran to her backpack to get her preschool gift. She gladly opened it for me!

It's a cute poem about her small hands leaving hand prints every where, and how when she gets big I will miss those small hand prints! Her teacher is super creative!

We had a BBQ with my mom and Aunt Janel and had this delicious chocolate cake for dessert. 

(Funny story: We bought this cake at Costco Friday night right before we went to the hospital. When we got home from Costco we were in such a rush that all of the food just made it to the kitchen counter and not put away. On my way to the hospital, I texted my mom to make sure the cake got into the fridge. I was really looking forward to that cake and did not want it to go bad! Shows where my priorities are, huh?) 

I had a little "What the crap were we thinking? How can we handle three kids all at the same time" meltdown that afternoon, but my mom and Shaun both assured me that we would be just fine!

We ended up playing games with Janel for a little bit that evening because she was leaving super early the next morning. It was the perfect end to a Mother's Day that I will never forget!

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Desiree said...

I'd be makin' sure that chocolate cake was in the fridge too! Yum! Oh, and I had those "ack, how do we handle x number of kids now" too. You'll get it. I remember when 3 was scary, and it was, but I survived. I'm sure you will too. Hope everyone is adjusting well.