Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Long, Busy Weekend

Our weekend started Thursday afternoon when Maisey got home from school and it sure was a BUSY one!

 We played outside all afternoon because it started raining on Friday. This is what a typical afternoon looks like at our house. That's eight kids on our front porch, and that doesn't include the four on the driveway! 

On Friday, Shaun and Maisey went on a date to NW Kid's Club while my mom and I turned 200 lbs of apples into 60 quarts applesauce!

When I could see the bottom of the last two boxes I got sooooo excited. It was a long day of canning!

Some of the finished jars!
I'm excited to enjoy this all natural, no-additives applesauce all year long!

On Saturday, I spent the day getting things prepared for the Elder's Quorum Halloween Party that Shaun (read: I) was in charge of. Shaun spent the day watching football and playing football.

 He had some helpers!

Saturday night was the party. We went as a pencil and a honey-do list
(I saw the idea in a magazine at the dentist office over a month ago and went off my memory. It definitely looked better in the magazine!)

Sunday was spent getting things ready for Young Women in Excellence. The mutual theme for the year is Arise and Shine Forth. We used that theme for our night.


A few others leaders and I saw a lamp idea on a different blog and adapted it to fit our needs. I found 10 lamps (one for each of our girls) and put their names on them. We started with all of the lamps off and our Laurel President shared something about how she's noticed each of the girls "shining" this year. As she talked about each girl she would turn their lamp on. It turned out exactly how I imagined. It was amazing!

Then I made fruit platters in the shape of shining suns for the refreshments!

It was a perfect night.

When I got home at 8:30 pm, I changed into sweatpants and vegged on the couch and relaxed for what was left of my weekend. It was sure a busy one, but I was pleased with how everything turned out.


Randi said...

I love YW idea!

Desiree said...

I'm so excited for April to be in YW's! What a neat YW in excellence, and the lamps look neat. I think your halloween costume is pretty creative. I like those! We went to the pumpkin patch over a week ago, and I haven't even thought about getting the pictures up. It's always a fun time though!