Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday to Sunday

  We kind of had a busy week. It seemed like there were a few big things going on and lots of little things. Here is a recap:

Sunday: We picked Grammy up from the airport. The kids were so excited to leave church a little early to play on the playground at the airport while we waited for her. They were also excited to hear all about Disneyland and Aunt Sally's wedding.

Monday: We had friends over for a fun Halloween FHE! I made homemade Halloween Oreo's, we had a lesson about repentance called "The Three Naughty Ghosts", and we played Halloween Bingo. We decided to do two fun Halloween FHE's this year instead of going to the Halloween Fantasy Trail that we have done the last few years. I thought the kids would be sad, but they haven't seemed to miss a beat!

Tuesday: Tuesday is usually Gage's morning to do whatever he wants with me. Well, I was having a party at my house that night and had some things to get done so he had to play by himself for a while.

 Unfortunately he decided to play with the tape and wasted a whole roll!

 I threw this little dinosaur train together for him and that kept him pretty occupied after his tape was all gone.

We ran to the store to grab a few things for the party and I was reading some ingredients on a package when I turned around to see Gage holding a bagel from the bulk containers and chewing a big bite! We paid for the bagel and he ate it for an early lunch.

 He has been having "quiet time" in his room in the afternoons. Every once in a while he will fall asleep. I guess his dinosaurs were too much for him this day!

I made this delicious Red Velvet Cheese Ball for my party that night. 

Wednesday: This was my most hectic day of the week! I was determined to find Maisey's old dress and I had to go through several baby girl bins to find it! It was also Maisey's back to school presentation at school, her dance class, then back to her school for a presentation from the director, then home to feed my family dinner, then off to mutual. Like I said, hectic!

 Lots of baby girl clothes! But my dress hunt was SUCCESSFUL!!! :)

 I was eating some of the red velvet cheese ball after lunch and Miley grabbed a cracker off the plate and started sucking on it! She would cry when I took it away so I just let her have it!

 Maisey won the courage trophy at school that day for being brave. She was proud to show it to me at her open house. Her name was also on the Wall of Fame for having no fix-ups on her class work and she was honored for finishing all of her work two weeks in a row! She's one smart cookie! While we were waiting for the director to do his presentation I was able to chat with her teacher for a while. It was nice getting to know her a little bit better.

Gage and Miley both sporting jammies from Grandma Grimmett

Thursday: This was my day to breath! Whew! No preschool, Maisey stayed at school all day, nothing scheduled that night. I may have stayed in my sweat pants until 2 pm.When Maisey got home from school we took some neighbor kids on a bike ride to the park around the corner from us! Gage's chain came off his bike, I didn't push him high enough on the swings, and he stepped in dog poop so he was pretty bummed about the outing, but I put Miley in the swing for the first time and she seemed to love it!

Friday: I had decided earlier in the week that I wanted to do some family pictures and that we would do them on the next nice day. Well, when I got home from taking Maisey to school I turned the news on and they said it wasn't supposed to rain! So I scrambled all afternoon throwing outfits together and getting kids fed and bathed, but we did it!

Here's a little sneak peek!

Saturday: This day started out super relaxing and fun, but it sure didn't end that way! We all slept in until 8:30! That was very needed. Once we got going we headed down to my Aunt's new house that they just built and moved in to. It was incredible. It has been fun to see it in each of the different building stages. The kids loved the theater room and doing plays up on the stage. After that Shaun took the kids home and I took his car to get the oil changed then to run a few errands. Between the oil change and the errands I got rear-ended, HARD! I was stopped in the middle of the road because a pedestrian was trying to cross the street not at a crosswalk. The car in front of me stopped, so I did too. The driver behind me wasn't paying attention and hit me going 40 mph while I was completely stopped! I got out and saw her car first, EEK, then turned the corner to see ours. Ours didn't look too bad, several big gashes and scrunches on the bumper and what looks like a puncture wound. A police officer showed up, we exchanged info, and then I continued on to meet my mom at Costco. We did our shopping and I went back out to the car and tried to reverse out of my parking spot and it started making crazy noises. I didn't know what to do and called our mechanic (who is SUPER awesome, btw!). He told me to go ahead and drive it to his shop and he would look at it for me. He jacked it up and there is a ton of damage underneath. The noise was coming from a bent pipe between the catalytic converter and muffler. The muffler is damaged and the tail pipe and a portion of the frame itself is crunched in. And, the trunk doesn't shut all the way. All things that can be fixed, just a headache to have to deal with, especially since Shaun will be gone two weeks this month. :(
I'm very grateful, however, that I didn't have any of the kids with me. I was considering keeping Miley with me so I could feed her but Shaun talked me into sending her home with him and he would just feed her a bottle. Now I am very glad he talked me into that. When I called Shaun to tell him I had been hit, he just laughed and told me I am never allowed to drive his car again! Twice in a year, What are the chances of that?

 Her car

Our car
(like I said, most of our damage is underneath.)

When I got home I took some Ibuprofen, warmed up our rice pack and rested on the couch for the rest of the evening. I was surprised when I woke up this morning that I wasn't more sore. 

Sunday: Today was the Primary Program in our ward. Maisey sang all of her songs and knew the sign language for them as well. She said her part: "We can use kind words and help our family clean the house." Gage and some of the other nursery kids went up to sing Nephi's Courage with the other primary kids. He was so proud to be up there and sang all of the words. I was very proud of my kids. Then Maisey had a little potty emergency at the very end, so we made a quick exit! :)

Gage changed out of his church clothes before I could get a picture of my two awesome singers!

So there you have it, a busy week. This one looks to be pretty busy as well, and we are especially looking forward to seeing pictures of our new little cousin Rhodehouse who will make his debut on Tuesday (if not before!)

(and that was my 700th post on this blog! WOW!!!)

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