Thursday, October 11, 2012


I'm working on a major picture project for my mom in which I need to sort through several large boxes of photos and keepsakes from the last 33 years. I finished box number two this afternoon and found these gems:

 A picture I drew of my dad, I was in 2nd grade.

 A card I made for my dad. I actually distinctly remember making this card. I had this pen that vibrated when you wrote with it and it made your writing squiggly. That is what the green ink is on the front. I thought it was the coolest pen back then!

This is the program from my parents' first date in 1979: The Icecapades! 

And in honor of all of these fun things about my dad that I found, I dressed Miley in these jammies that my dad bought for Maisey. And then I proceeded to snuggle with her all night thinking of all of the great memories I have with my dad.

I'd say it was a pretty good night!

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Desiree said...

That's so sweet Emily! Oh how wonderful to have such special memories.