Thursday, October 18, 2012

Proud and Not So Proud Moments


On  Sunday, the primary started practicing for their program, so junior and senior primary met all together. After church one of the senior primary teachers told me that Maisey is a perfect primary child!!! She sits reverently, listens attentively, and participates when she is supposed to. :)

Also, I emailed her teacher the other night because we will be out of town during her school's conferences. This was part of the email I received back:

"Thank you for your e-mail about conferences. Thank you so much for looking ahead to schedule a conference for Maisey. She is doing an incredible job at school. Just today she scored a 100% on her math test. Way to go Maisey! I hope that you saw in her backpack her "Please Is A Good Word To Say" manners book. Maisey completed this as a reward for completing all of her classwork."

Maisey's teacher cc'd the intervention specialist who does reading groups for the kindergarten class and a few minutes later, I received this email from her:

Dear Mrs. Grimmett,
I am equally impressed with Miss Maisey's reading performance.  She reads all her sounds beautifully, blends sounds flawlessly, and has fantastic writing.  Her smiling, eager face is a daily inspiration for me as one of her proud teachers.  I thank you for sharing her with us.
PS I hope her cute vest and boots that she wore today come in adult sizes!!

That day she also came home with the Star Music Award! She got this award for being respectful, listening, participating, and setting the example. 

I went to bed one happy and proud mama that night! :)


The letter "G" is a big deal at our house right now! Whenever Gage sees a "G" he will yell, "that's my name, that's my name!" He loves to find them in books, on TV and on our games. He also writes a "G" any chance he gets, including on my dinner menu and on Maisey's school papers that need to be returned, and on a whole pad of sticky notes. . . every single sheet! I don't mind too much, I'm glad he is developing the love of learning!!!


We started Ferberizing (pretty much crying it out) on Monday night! The first night was a little rough. She fell asleep after 20 minutes then was up for 2 hours in the night crying. I prepped myself for night 2, that night has been the worst with my other kids. She went right to sleep and slept 11 hours!!!! I thought maybe it was a fluke, but she did the same thing last night. . . 11 straight hours! Hallelujah!! Let's hope it continues because a tired mama can get used to 11 hours of sleep a night!

 So happy with lots of sleep!


Miley was sleeping this morning (a 3 hour nap, YAY!) and Gage wanted to play games on the computer. The computer is in our room and I don't like him being in there by himself because he gets into things. So, I  decided to lay on my bed and read a magazine while he played. Well, apparently I fell asleep and apparently Gage noticed and took advantage of it! He got up on the counter and into all of the cupboards in the kitchen. His damaging finds: the salt and pepper shakers, a bag of marshmallows, and our PEZ stash!

I had just filled the salt and pepper shakers last week because we had the missionaries over for dinner. He COMPLETELY emptied them. He told me he was making his birthday cake and used the pez dispensers as his candles! 

It was quite the mess to clean up! I think next time I will make more of an effort to stay awake!

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Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Yay for Maisey! And I love Gage's G's! Hudson did that same thing last year where every time he saw an H is said "That's my name!" It's so cute! I love watching little kids learn!