Friday, October 12, 2012

Miley: 5 Months

 Miley is 5 months old today! Some days I feel like she should be older, like she's been part of our family forever. Then there are days where I feel like she should still be a little newborn and there is no way 5 months could have passed by already! 

 I catch myself several times a day just staring at her and wondering how a baby can be so cute? Seriously, I love everything about this little girl.

I love the little petite body that she has. She is definitely my skinniest baby, by far!

I love that she finally has leg rolls - one on each thigh!

I love watching her discover new things, like rolling over and the taste of toes.

I love this sweet innocent face and that looking at it brings me peace and joy.

I love that she is a big time mama's girl! She knows when other people are holding her, and if I'm in sight she will put up a fight! She also knows when I walk out of the room and she's not in my arms! 

I love that she needs me.

I love that big gummy smile she gives me when she sees me.

I love hearing her little laugh.

I love pretending to eat her toes and blowing raspberries on her tummy and playing peek-a-boo to get her to giggle.

I love how attached she is to her dollie.

And to her silky blankie.

I love how easy going and easy to entertain she is.

Seriously, there is not a single thing about her that I don't love!

Here are a few other things about her this month:

Gage and Miley have become little buddies during the day when Maisey is at school. She loves to watch everything he does and he is sure to get her attention when he is doing something silly.

He even shares his silky blankies when hers are in the wash. Now that is love!

She rode in the stroller like a big girl for the first time this month. She has done it several times now and LOVES it. I think she mostly loves being outside!

Look at the difference between these two pictures. She is sure getting big! She does pretty well in her seat which is good with all of the running around we do between preschool and kindergarten!

We tried rice cereal for the first time last night. I couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough. She was seriously scarfing it down and would scream if I didn't have the spoon ready the mili-second she was done swallowing the previous bite.

I'd say she liked it, wouldn't you?

About a month ago, I was ready to be done nursing. I have never nursed a baby this long before and she wouldn't take a bottle at all so I had no break. I was really ready to quit. We kept trying the bottle over the last several weeks and ended up buying a different kind and figured out how to get her to drink it. Then I got really sad. She obviously still wants to nurse and it is selfish of me to take that away from her. So we are still going strong. But it is nice that she is able to have an occasional bottle now, although she will really only drink it for her daddy.

Her hair is finally starting to grow. When I blow on it, it will stand up on her head. She has started pulling at her headbands and can pull them off her head to down around her neck. Also, if she moves her head back and forth in her car seat, her headband will scoot down over her eyes. She doesn't like that very much!

She rolled over for the first time this month, and I missed it! Shaun was playing with her on the floor when I was at the store. I was really sad. But then a few days later she was laying on the ottoman and I was blowing raspberries on her tummy and she rolled right over and off the ottoman. Luckily I was right there playing with her and was able to catch her. We don't leave her on there anymore!

She is still waking up about once a night. But we stopped swaddling her this week and have been putting her in her bed wide awake and letting her put herself to sleep. She fusses for a few minutes, but as long as she has her doll and her blankie she usually settles right down.

She rarely has a rough day, which is way nice for me. And since it hardly happens, I am able to set everything aside and just focus on her when she is having a hard time.

I am sure enjoying my little girl!

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