Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today I am thankful for many things:

* A husband who listens to me, who talks things through with me, who turns on my electric blanket an hour before bed so I can climb into warm sheets, and who fluffed my pillow for me this morning because I complained it was getting too flat.

* For my neighbor who at the last second took her girls and Maisey to school this morning and then came back and jumped my dead van battery for me!

* For Miley sleeping so well at night now. 7 pm - 6 am! I'll take it!

* For a fenced backyard to let my kids run around in when they are driving me crazy inside.

* That I found one of Maisey's old dresses that my dad bought for her. I've been looking for it for the past few days and found it this morning! It's going to be Miley's Christmas dress this year!

* That I saved all of Maisey's baby clothes so now Miley has so many fun, cute things to wear and I don't have to buy a ton for her.

* This might sound bad, but I am thankful to be done reading the Old Testament. Shaun and I finished of that book on Tuesday night. There were definitely some rough spots, but I am sure glad we persevered! We started The Book of Mormon last night. That is much more to my liking.

Mostly I am thankful for my life. My family, my friends, my neighbors, my house, my van, Shaun's job, my calling at church, and my testimony of my Savior!

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Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Those are all good things to be thankful for:)