Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Activities

December is always a busy month, but we were sure to spend lots of time as a family creating memories. I love being with my little family and I'm grateful for the fun things that we get to do!

At the beginning of December, we went to Target to pick out ornaments for the kids this year. We do this every year and the kids get to choose something that represents them that year.
Gage chose a 5-pack of Thomas ornaments. Those were perfect for him and the fact that they came in a 5-pack explains his deep obsession with trains this year.

Maisey had a really hard time choosing between a 5-pack of Barbie ornaments or a Taylor Swift guitar that played a song. She asked everyone in our family which one she should choose, and ended up with the guitar! That thing was well worth its money this year. 

Gage got to make mini gingerbread houses at preschool. Maisey and Gage devoured that thing at lunch the same day!

Maisey and I did some Christmas activities during our "fun school" time in the afternoons. We let Gage join us for this ornament and he cut his Santa's boots off.

Maisey had her Christmas dance performance. She actually was supposed to perform on 6 different days, 5 for local schools and retirement homes, and 1 for the final performance. We only made it to 3 of the extra performances because of school. She did such a great job at every single one of them. Her teacher would tell the other kids in her class to watch Maisey because she knew what she was doing!

Grammy and Miley at Maisey's final performance

Maisey's class

One proud Mom!

We went to our ward Christmas party
We were asked to do the nativity 
(Miley was being grumpy so we ended up using a doll)

Miley met Santa for the first time. . . not too sure

But we still got a smile!

Gage asking for every train on the planet. . . and a helicopter

Maisey asking for Barbie Princess and the Popstar stuff

The year we went super easy and useful for our friend gift.
The kids picked out rolls of wrapping paper and we attached these tags to each of them.

Maisey had a craft day at her school and I got to go volunteer. It's always fun to see her in her school element.
This was a rosemary wreath she made with the 1st grade teacher.

We went to Bridgeport Village on Maisey's first day of Christmas break. Grammy came with us and Daddy met us there during his lunch.
This kids are lucky to have such a great Grammy!

This is the whole reason for going to Bridgeport: the Train!

Gage was so giddy! He got to ride that thing 4 times!

We met a real live Frosty! He was walking around and playing in the "snow"

Here is a "snow" picture. They had machines blowing a soap mixture out that made it look like it was snowing. The kids thought this was pretty neat.

We went to the mall by our house for a picture with Santa.
It's been a pretty good month!

(I had some videos that I tried uploading, but they wouldn't work. :( Maybe I'll have to do a whole video post if I can get it figured out!)

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