Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas was super relaxed for us this year. No where to go, no one to host. It was awesome! The kids played with their new Santa toys for a while and then Miley went down for her nap. While she napped, we opened presents and ate breakfast. When she woke up, Maisey was thrilled to be Miley's present helper. It really was such a great morning.


Maisey - Barbie Princess and the Popstar dress-up clothes, transforming barbie, and movie. Barbie motor home, iPod shuffle, Polly Pocket, Cinderella movie, American Girl high chair, salon chair, and clothes.

Gage - Angry birds game and shirt, helicopter, Thomas Trackmaster, Cranky the Crane giant puzzle. Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 and 3. Buzz dress-up. Chainsaw and saftey goggles.

Miley - Mirrored Vanity set, Bongo drums, Monkey ball, books, cute clothes, giant box of graham crackers!

Mom - jewelry, scarf, pea coat

Dad - Remote control helicopter, tickets to BYU basketball game in Portland, BYU tie. Giving Lego sets to the kids!!!!!

 Grammy is opening her present from us. 

We got her a photo phone cover but we (Shaun) sewed it to our family's gag gift that gets passed around a couple times a year, the bunny.

 Christmas breakfast of butterbraids, pineapple, juice, and egg nog!

 We set up Gage's angry bird pigs on some gift boxes and let him knock them down. He loved this!

 Watch out, he's heading for the trees!

 This was how the afternoon was spent. . . Lots of Legos!

Lots of "Thank you" Christmas hugs!


We finished the night by some snuggle time while watching Alvin Christmas!

It was such a perfect day!

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