Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Last Two Weeks

 The last two weeks we have:

* Taken down Thanksgiving decor and put up Christmas

 * Got a Christmas tree

 * Decorated a Christmas tree

* Rearranged ornaments daily on said Christmas tree

* Spotted our elf, Max who came back as Maxina the girl elf this year.

* Spotted her again visiting Jesus (Dad's doing!)

* And again, being kind of naughty!

* Fed missionaries dinner, during which Gage moved his chair to the middle of the kitchen, stood up on it and sang, "We are never ever ever getting back together!" That boy loves his T.Swift!

* Went to do youth baptisms at the temple! 3 of my beehives went for the first time! It was great!

*Went to a training on the new youth curriculum. So excited for lessons next year!

 * Ordered Christmas cards

* Finished my mom's Christmas project

 * Watched the train go around. . . 

. . . and around!

* Watched several YouTube videos on how to fix a broken garage door spring. . . ended up forking out the moo-la to have it fixed.

* Learned to appreciate parking in the garage. Unloading Costco from van to house in rain is NOT fun!

 * Threw (I use that word loosely!) my friend a surprise baby shower with my other friend!

Facebook invites + balloons + local yogurt shop = Easiest baby shower ever

* Watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. 

* Let the kids Wrap Daddy's Christmas presents. We talked about secrets and that we don't tell people what we got them so they will be surprised. Shaun walks in from work that night and Gage says, "Daddy I got you a helicopter! It's wrapped under the tree! SURPRISE!

* Picked up Shaun's car. . . it's fixed! That was a headache!

* Got my new phone, finally! I decided to go with the 5 after seeing the camera difference between that and the 4s. I've been wasting a lot of time on that thing this week!

* Downloaded some kid apps including Cars and Barbie Fashionistas Endless Closet. Gage screams when playing Cars because it's too hard for him and I hear sentences like "This outfit is like so sheek!" from Maisey while playing the Barbie game.

 * Went puddle jumping while waiting for Maisey to get out of school

* Went to the RS Christmas dinner

* Played with lots of toys!

* Started Maisey's dance performances for the local retirement homes and schools. Lots of running to and fro.

 * Made a cake for the silent auction at Shaun's work Christmas party. It went for $25!

* Went to Shaun's work Christmas party and I totally rocked the blackjack tables!

* And won an iPod shuffle!

This is the first day in 2 weeks that I haven't left my house! It felt good to get some stuff done! We are looking forward to all of the fun Christmas activities that are coming up these next few weeks!


that's what she said...

Sounds busy! And can I just say how brave you are for having the missionaries over for dinner? I did it once. ONCE. And I didn't even cook, I just bought pizzas. It was a complete disaster with screaming kids and pizza throwing. I think we'll wait a few years for trying that one again. lol.

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Ummm... I think you need to make that cake for the Friends of Scouting cake auction this year so I can buy! Yum!