Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve

We had two Christmas Eves this year. One on Sunday with my mom and then the other on Monday with just our fam. It was a little different this year, but that's ok!


We had our big dinner on Sunday.
Ham, potatoes, rolls, Jell-O jigglers, Christmas salad, and corn. Everyone's favorites!

Daddy had to go to the church to deliver Christmas gifts from the giving tree, so we decorated sugar cookies while he was gone.
Grammy showed them how to spread the frosting out!

Once Daddy got back the kids sang some Christmas songs and just when it was starting to get wild, we stopped singing and started playing Christmas BINGO! The kids had so much fun that I think Christmas BINGO will be our new tradition.

Once we got the kids in bed, the real party started!
Games and snacks, just my style!


We started the day off with this adorable little girl!

We met up with a bunch of friends to go caroling at a local retirement home.
We have a great group of friends!
Gage was a little on the wild side. He almost opened an alarmed door, rode a lady's walker, climbed a banister, pulled ornaments off a Christmas tree, and played with the little figurines in the Christmas village.
But it was all worth it on the way home when Maisey said she felt good inside because of the good deed we had just done.

We made gourmet grilled cheese (can any grilled cheese really be considered gourmet?) for dinner then got all bundled up to finally walk the Christmas light route in Keizer. We had driven it several times already this year because it was always too rainy to walk. But Christmas Eve was perfect weather.

The kids thought Santa in the tub was funny this year!

We let the big kids run most of it to get all of their energy out. . . it worked!

We got home, read scriptures, got in jammies, left a note with some cookies and egg nog for Santa and put out stockings. The kids were in bed by 7:30!
Gage signed his own name this year.

 Santa visited early in the night so she, I mean he could go to bed!

Christmas Morning is coming up next!

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Desiree said...

I really wanted to caroling. We ended up needing to do some last minute shopping, bummer. We also missed out on the ward party, bummer. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! Love all the fun things you did!