Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Miley: 7 Months

 Miley is 7 months old today, 12-12-12!!! She is so stinkin cute, I just want to snuggle her all day long.

Some things about her this month:

*She is no longer nursing. :( I changed prescriptions and my milk dried up pretty fast. For a few weeks she still would nurse in the mornings, but this last week she hasn't been. I was telling Shaun how sad I was about it and he told me he didn't think he would EVER hear me say that. But I miss that time with her!

*She has started sitting up by herself. I can go into a different room and leave her sitting up and not have to worry. She just decided one day that she was ready to sit up!

*She is still a great eater and has loved everything I have given her. She even chomped on some frozen green beans last night! Oh, and if you don't feed her fast enough, she will let you know!

*She loves when dad uses her as a bench press bar and tosses her up in the air. She also loves when the kids blow raspberries on her.

*She loves toys and is so content just sitting and playing by herself. 

*She is taking about an hour nap in the mornings, a two hour nap in the afternoons and sleeps from 7 til 7. Sometimes she'll wake up between 5 and 6 and eat real quick then go back to bed. 

*I didn't think I could love this girl more, but each month that goes by gets more fun and she keeps getting cuter and cuter!

(P.S. this is the best stage to take pictures in because she can sit up by herself, but she can't crawl away from me yet!)

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