Thursday, December 6, 2012

Idaho Trip

We went to Idaho for a week  before Thanksgiving to spend time with Shaun's fam! Here is the recap:

We left on a Friday around lunch time! The kids were really good in the car, even Miley! We only stopped twice the whole way there (13 hours!).
The kids passed the time in the car watching their own movies. We've had our new van all year and we hadn't figured out how to play two movies at the same time. We did before this trip and they loved it. Maisey kicked up her feet and rocked out to Barbie Sing-a-Long while Gage watched Cars and Thomas the whole way!

 Miley had her first french fry when we stopped for dinner!

Gage had a hard time falling asleep in the car that night. We turned off the movies and he just sat there reading the clock. Nine one five . . . nine one six . . . nine one seven . . . nine one eight . . . nine one nine. . .. We tried covering the clock but he started yelling at us because he couldn't see the clock and Miley was sleeping and I didn't want him waking her up so we were back to nine two zero. . . nine two one. . . nine two two. . . you get the point! It was a long hour until he fell asleep. We arrived at Shaun's family's house at 3 am!

The first day there we played a family basketball game at the church and threw a baby shower for Hannah!

 Maisey gave her a Scentsy pig just like hers!

 The boys hung out downstairs during the shower. I went down to check on them, and saw this. So Cute!

The rest of the time we hung out. We played some kinect games on the x-box, we watched movies, visited Papa on campus, ate good food, and played lots of games!

 These men give good massages! 

 Maisey and Gage on boxing on the x-box

 Visiting Papa at work

One of the days in Rexburg we ventured to Idaho Falls to go to the King Tut exhibit. That was really neat to see.

 This was a couch found in his tomb. That's one cool couch!

 After King Tut, we headed to the Idaho Falls temple and visitor's center.

 Uncle Nathaniel hung with us!

At the visitor's center I saw the major difference between boys and girls. 
These sweet sister missionaries did a little presentation for us by the Christus. Afterward, they let the kids go up to Him and touch Him. Maisey sat in awe looking at and touching the pierced hands and feet. Gage gave Him a high-five and played peek-a-boo with Him, and pointed out His nipple.

In the movie room, they showed us a movie about being children of God. Then they showed us a video about girls and boys sharing cupcakes. They asked Gage what the video was about. He said cupcakes. They asked Maisey what it was about, she said sharing. Then they asked if the kids wanted to watch another one and Gage said, yes CARS 2!!!!!

 After the Visitor's Center, we went to Cafe Rio for dinner, YUM!!! It had been almost a year since I had it last.

On Thanksgiving morning, we left super early and headed to Boise for Thanksgiving dinner. We made a little stop at Aunt Judy's house for a bit and the kids had a great time playing tea party and trains. The kids are always so excited to play at her house. Maisey asked if we can take a trip to her house and stay FIVE nights! 

 Gage is resting up before the big meal!

 GG Papa met Miley for the first time!

After we ate with the fam we headed to our hotel. The kids swam and then went to bed.

I went out and did a little pre-black Friday shopping. I left the hotel at 9:00 and was back and in bed by 10:30 with everything that I wanted! 

We went back over to GG and GG Papa's house the next morning, exchanged some Christmas gifts, said our goodbyes and hit the road!

 I'd say it was a pretty successful trip!

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