Friday, June 7, 2013

A Good Friday

In a lesson last Sunday, I wrote down a quote that particularly struck me. 

Heavenly Father knows that you have the ability to deal with your daily life.

Simple, but true. He knows that I can deal with screaming kids, millions of errands, dinner making, laundry, school and church commitments, and other family happenings. 

So this week, I tried to be more positive about my life, and not complain to my sweet husband who usually gets an ear full daily!

And I have to say, it's helped a lot.

The whole week has gone a lot better.

Today, in particular, has been a pretty great day!

It started off with an early morning workout, then our normal morning routine.

We had a fun visit with one of my old friends from school and we got to meet her sweet baby girl!
Gage looks huge between the two babes!

Maisey had a pretty awesome day today too. She got to celebrate her birthday at school today. She brought her American Girl doll and a Build-a-Bear bunny for show and tell and came home with a birthday crown!
 She totally is milking the "school birthday" thing for all it's worth and asked for a special Subway lunch today. Then asked for a birthday cake. You know, if you give a mouse a cookie. . .!!! But mom can't say no to lunch out and cake, so of course I obliged!

Happy Birthday, 66 days early!!! 

And I get to spend my evening in the temple with our beautiful Young Women. What a neat way to end an awesome day!

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that's what she said...

love it! Bennett got to celebrate his un-birthday at school on Tuesday and milked that one too. although his was wearing his crown everywhere for several days and asking everyone to sing him happy birthday!

and to answer your question-I love abcmouse. I haven't found anything on there that was too hard for ethan (and he's working the highest level on there). so it may be too easy for maisey, but it's nice to tell him to go play abcmouse when he's bugging me and he can just click on the shortcut on my computer and go straight to his page. I do have an account for Bennett too but he hasn't figured out how to use the mouse (although they do have a tutorial to teach little kids if you wanted to do that with gage). so Bennett and I just work it together and he just points on the screen to answer questions. they earn tickets for doing lessons and can redeem them buying stuff for their fish tank or hamster cage, etc. I went to their site to try a month free (they had some deal). they then offered me a deal to get a subscription (which I turned down) and when I did that, they offered an even lower price. so I think I payed like $60-65 for the whole year. Figured that was a pretty sweet deal for two kids on there.