Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Maisey's Last Day of School

The night before the last day of school Maisey and I headed to Target to pick out her teacher gifts. She has her regular teacher, her kinder enrichment teacher, her reading teacher, and then she wanted to pick something out for her principal as well. Luckily, they are all girls, so we went with the nail polish route. We may have been in the Target beauty department for 45 minutes while Maisey picked out the perfect color for each teacher. She hand selected colors for each of the ladies, and we put in a file, nail polish remover, and some chocolates with a little saying, "Thank you for helping me polish my kindergarten skills."

That morning, we cleaned out her desk and delivered the gifts.

Then we headed to the carnival.

I volunteered to help at the carnival, but they didn't really need me, so I got to hang with Maisey. I also brought Gage along, and he had a blast. I was totally expecting the carnival to be pure chaos and kind of lame. It blew me away. It was so well organized and very creative. I was super impressed.

 They had a dunk tank, and 4 of the 6 teachers from the school took shifts in it. Maisey's teacher was such a good sport and was the first one to go. Maisey had earned two dunk tank tickets during school that week and was very nice to share one of them with Gage. They each had a turn to throw the balls, but sadly, neither of them hit the button. We stayed around and watched though, and the teachers each got their fair share of dunking. Gage thought it was hilarious!

 Gage won a slurpee coupon at a balloon dart game.

 Maisey had her friends at the photo booth

 Gage sportin his stache!

They had so many games set up for the kids, and they also had a food tent set up. Each kid had a coupon for popcorn, cotton candy, and a snow cone. 

After the carnival part, the classes all gathered on the grass for a presentation from a reptilie man. The kindergarteners were in the very front, so they got a good view of everything.

I had such a fun morning with these two!

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Dana and ohana said...

A) love your collages and B) LOOOOOOOVE Shaun's red shirt