Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Day of the Beetle and the Oreos

Once upon a time there was a Grammy who gave her grand kids a bug habitat. The kids caught a beetle and put it in the bug habitat. The kids carried that beetle with them everywhere. When it was time for bed that night, the kids didn't want him to sleep outside, so they brought him in.

  The next morning the boy went to check on the beetle. He tapped on the habitat, but the beetle was "sleeping". The boy asked his mom about 20 times when the beetle was going to wake up.

 Several hours later, the boy was inspecting the beetle and said to his mom, "Mom, I can't believe he is still sleeping!!! When is he going to wake up?"

 Soon after that, the girl came home from school and discovered the beetle was dead and broke the news to her sad brother.

 He coped by hiding under the table with a pack of Oreos

 and eating the cream out of all of them

and then shoving the cookies in his mouth.

Beetle story over!

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