Tuesday, June 25, 2013


As soon as Maisey was done with school we headed to Sunriver for 5 days! We had a blast, like always, and we are so grateful my aunt and uncle allow us to go so often.

There are tons of pics of everything that we did

* We rode the train, 3 times!!!

* Maisey was just barely tall enough to do the bumper cars this time. She was so excited. She looked like she was going to cry every time someone hit her, but when she got off the first time she asked to go again!

* We played miniature golf. This was Gage's first time golfing. He had a blast and was actually pretty good (except for when he picked up the ball and put it in the hole!)

* We went on TONS of walks and bike rides. Mid-June was the perfect time to go. Not too hot, not too cold. It seriously was BEAUTIFUL!!!
 One day the kids biked while I ran to the river. We all had fun exploring!

Getting 5 little kids to look at the same time is tough!

 This girl wanted to pose in every spot for a picture

 This girl just wanted to walk around by herself. She thinks she is very independent.

 And this dude just wanted to watch the fishing boat.

 We saw some deer on an early morning walk

 One night we ALL went on a bike ride. It lasted like 2 minutes before Jett started crying and Grammy's chain fell off. 

A view on a bike ride
* We hit up the park several times

* We played tennis. Not actually on the tennis courts, but in the drive way. Maisey and Dad kept score and Maisey won.

* We headed to the SHARC (a big aquatic area with a sand box). Gage spent most of his time playing in the sand while Daddy took the girls around swimming. I gladly parked in on a chair in the sand area to "supervise" Gage.

These are definitely my kids. . . lounging around in the sun!

* We went down the year-round tubing hill for the first time. The kids (and Daddy) thought it was super fun!

* We stopped at a new little park area to play

* We ate lots of treats from the village: ice cream (x2), shaved ice, and huge doughnuts!

* And when we weren't busy having fun, we were keeping our eye on our little busy baby. This was her first time being mobile in Sunriver, and she definitely took advantage of that!

* Not pictured: Jump houses, game nights, Pitch Perfect, guitar hero and tractor riding!

What an awesome way to kick off summer!

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