Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Swim Lessons

The day after we got home from Sunriver, swim lessons started. It was nice to see that the kids remembered their skills from the end of April when we finished lessons. I love to see them learn new things. They sure love the water. As I said earlier, I put Miley in the parent-tot swim class, which meant that I had to get in the water every day. I dreaded how cold it was, but it was fun to splash around with her. The actual class itself was really lame so I'm pretty sure we won't be signing up for it again.

The kids get little report cards at the end of the session and this is what Miley's teacher's comment was. It perfectly explains how weird the class was. 

I didn't get to take very many pictures since I was in the water, but my mom has more on her iPad and phone, so I will update this when I get them from her.

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