Sunday, October 25, 2009

Half a year!

We've survived another month!!! Gage definitely keeps things interesting around here. He's funny because it seems that any time we try something new with him, he LOVES it for a week, and I get so excited because I think we've finally figured out what he likes, and then after that week is up, he starts to hate it. Examples: His bumbo, rice cereal, oatmeal, sleeping for more than 3 hours, etc.

Right after his 5 month post he started sleeping so well, for a week! Now he is back to how he was before.

Not interested in any baby food anymore, but regular food, he could probably out eat his sister if we let him.

He is starting to sit up now, which is nice. He still is very wobbly and the longest he has ever sat up was during the photo shoot at the park on Thursday! Thanks for cooperating buddy!

He still ADORES his sister. He loves when she gives him attention and reads to him!

He is so good about falling asleep on his own. . . but for some reason he doesn't stay asleep, and doesn't put himself back to sleep with out seeing his mommy's face!

He still enjoys his exersaucer most of the time, which is a huge lifesaver for me!

He is quite a talker/squealer/screamer. When we go grocery shopping, people can hear him 3 aisles away because he is so loud. The checkers at Walmart know him! (so lame that we go there enough for that to even happen!)

Him and Grammy are best buddies. He can be driving me nuts all day and be so cranky, but when his grammy comes to babysit, he is so good for her!

The one thing that he has liked longer than a week is his stroller! Too bad the weather is starting to get yucky!

Overall, his demeanor is getting better. Less fussiness through out the day, and I wish I could say more sleep at night! If I've made it 6 months, I can make it 6 more. . . right?

Love you brother man!

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The Fast Family said...

He is so stinkin cute. I love the pictures. Hope you start getting some sleep mama.